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Watch: Lock Upp star Anjali Arora, shocked by the reasons for the protest outside Jammu airport, has this to say...

The Kacha Badam girl, who is on an official trip to Jammu, has requested that the government of India help out the needy

Watch: Lock Upp star Anjali Arora, shocked by the reasons for the protest outside Jammu airport, has this to say...
Anjali Arora

Last Updated: 03.40 PM, Aug 02, 2023


The recent video of social media star Anjali Arora, who is known for her many Reels, is aimed at making an impact the way none of her others have.

Anjali, who is known for starring in the hit music video Kaccha Badam, has never shied away from speaking her mind. And she recently used her popularity to bring attention to a cause that seems to have been ignored by those in power.

Anjali, who visited Jammu for some work, was surprised when she saw some people protesting outside the airport. Unlike most people, who just ignored them, the actress walked up to the group of people to find out what they were protesting about. When she heard their story, Anjali was touched and decided to make a video about it, which she uploaded on her Instagram page, which has over 12.8 million followers, to bring attention to their cause.

Upon speaking with the protestors, Anjali found out that they had lost their homes to the airport because a parking lot was built where their home used to be. They were demanding that the promises made by the authorities about giving them another house with proper facilities be fulfilled. This promise was made 5 years ago.

In a detailed post that accompanied the video, Anjali wrote, “These people and their families went homeless in no time, their homes were destroyed in order to build Jammu airport’s parking and in return they were promised new home and proper housing facilities. It has costed them 5 years and a number of lives of their family members and friends to just get a home in return. With getting absolutely broke these people have no money to pay their rent or even feed their family.”

Requesting that the government step in to help the protestors out and give them justice, she added, “They have been sitting on a footpath for days in rains to seek justice, and we as citizens of this country and as humans should support them and demand their rights and justice. I have full faith in the government of India that they will look into this matter and resolve it at the earliest.”

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