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WATCH Netflix shares Squid Game: The Challenge Game 1 reactions, Fans demand Shadow and Bones to return!

Netflix shared a behind-the-scenes video that contains the first reactions of the contestants and ranked it too, but fans are demanding Shadow and Bones season 3 in comments, here’s more...

WATCH Netflix shares Squid Game: The Challenge Game 1 reactions, Fans demand Shadow and Bones to return!

Last Updated: 02.13 AM, Dec 10, 2023


Squid Game: The Challenge reality series may have ended and crowned Mai as the winner but the the streaming giant Netflix is not over its thrill. Today, a goofy BTS video of some of the contestants during the first competitive game was shared but fans’ reaction might change the original purpose of the social media post. Read on to know more...

Squid Game: The Challenge reactions are epic

Taking to its Instagram handle, Netflix shared a goofy behind-the-scenes video with contestants playing the first game called Red Light Green Light. According to the game rules, the player who was found moving after the Squid Game doll stopped singing was shot with a paintball gun.


In the video, they have ranked the players according to their first reactions after getting a sudden gunshot with a splattered black ink. One female contestant asks, “Why did I squat.” Her reaction caught netizens interest and some of them even joked that Netflix should give this woman some prize because of her patience in the difficult still position.

Among the reactions were, “Damn you’ll,” and “Otherwise we could’ve been killed”

Check out the top 1 freaked-out reaction here:

Fans on Shadow and Bones' no return

Netflix had officially announced the cancellation of the third season of Shadow and Bones due to the season 2 low streaming views, as per reports.

Based on fantasy books by Leigh Bardugo, it starred Jessie Mei Li, Archie Renaux, Freddy Carter, and Ben Barnes in pivotal roles. Another book-adapted series, Six of Crows, which is a spin-off series revolving around the Crows that were introduced in Shadow and Bones got a red light after its cancellation.

The disheartened fans are now taking their request to Netflix by pouring in comments, their hearts desire. One fan wrote, “Just here to say #SaveShadowAndBone and the #SixOfCrowsSpinoff.”

Another fan commented, “I'm glad no one filmed my reaction when Shadow and Bone were 'canceled' #SaveShadowAndBone #SixOfCrowsSpinoff.”

Other comments posted several GIFS of Shadow and Bones. One social media user said, “The only challenge I want to see is the crows breaking into the Ice Court #SixOfCrowsSpinoff #SaveShadowAndBone #KazzleDazzle.”

Squid Game: The Challenge is streaming on Netflix and also has been confirmed to return with season 2.

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