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Who is crowned Squid Game- The Challenge winner? Here’s full Episode 10 Recap

Squid Game’s reality spinoff series Squid Game: The Challenge has finally wrapped up weeks after its initial premieres. Out of the three finalists, Mai, Sam, and Phill. Here is who won 4.56 million?

Who is crowned Squid Game- The Challenge winner? Here’s full Episode 10 Recap
Squid Game: The Challenge Finalists

Last Updated: 05.59 AM, Dec 08, 2023


Finally! After a week of pulsating wait and anxiety for the finale episode, Squid Game: The Challenge has wrapped up its season 1 and announced the winner out of the trio of finalists who survived the cut-throat competition. Amongst the finalists were Mai (player 287), Sam (player 016), and Phill (player 451). Here’s all you need to know about the Squid Game adaptation that made headlines over the past few months as it gets washed out in controversies, citing the poor conditions of the contestants. However, the show’s undying popularity and streaming views have already greenlit the season 2.

Here’s a full scoop of the hit series

About Squid Game: The Challenge

Based on Squid Game Kdrama, Squid Game: The Challenge is a reality competition series that began with 456 contestants, battling against the odds to take home the hefty cash prize of 4.56 million dollars. The reality series did not release altogether but its installment release worked as a favour for the global audience. Although the first segment Episode 1,2,3,4,5 failed to spread its magic, the second segment (Episode 6,7,8,9) was a major hit with a comparatively higher number of streams. One of the reasons for this is that the audience could connect with the remaining survivors in new episodes.


Episode 10 Recap/Summary

The finale episode 10 was relatively a bit shorter than the previous episodes. It began exactly where we left episode 9, with the three remaining opponents giving a brief introduction in some talking heads. The contestants also revealed what they would do with the money if they won the cash prize. After defeating 453 players, the three finalists dream about winning in the dormitory as they stare at the piggy box filled with 4.5 million. A few moments later, the masked instructors gave each contestant a black box that contained a dress for the grand feast.

It’s a trip down memory lane for Squid Game kdrama fans as the luxurious dinner/feast is devoured by the neatly dressed contestants. Ahead of the last elimination, they share a few moments with each other. Sam revealed how extremely homophobic his family is (especially his mother), saying that his mother sent him nasty/hate emails and handwritten letters after he came out and moved to Texas. While Mai revealed that she is a mother of two daughters and also a grandmother!

In a heart-wrenching talking head footage, we witness that Mai got pregnant at 19 and was abandoned by her family during the difficult times. Amongst the three, Phill is the one whose life is a bit on the chilled side with less chaos and more comforting moments. He shared that he moved from Brazil to New Jersey and then to Hawaii, before finding his stint at Scuba diving!

The Last Elimination is witnessed just after dinner when three buttons in the shapes of a triangle, circle, and square are placed in front of the contestants and they have to decide who will go first to seal their fates. According to the game rules, If the volunteer presses the first button and it turns green, the player moves forward and picks who goes with them, while the red one is a straight elimination, the grey one has no impact. Taking the risk and control into her hands, Mai went first and her button (she chose triangle) turned grey. Thus, another attempt had to be made and after a brief pause and thought, Sam went up only to get kicked out after the light turned green (he chose square btw!).

The final Game

After a moment of sadness and tears, the two finalists, Phill Cain and Mai Whelan moved to their next game...The one who decides their fate. This game recently became a hot topic of debate because many felt like it lacked drama and was partial by giving total control to fate and not strategies. Well, the internet is still in splits after the final game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Stone” carried the responsibility of determining the winner. Honestly, I think it was a fair choice because of a 50-5- probability to win.

The rules were simple – Whoever wins the Rock, Paper, Scissors, Stone gets the opportunity to select a key from a box of keys and then insert it into the piggy bank, if it fits, it's your destiny, and if it doesn’t it's your destiny too!

After a cat and mouse game, finally, it was Mai Whelan who opened the lock and took home the grand prize of 4.56 million dollars!

In the bonus clip, we see a glimpse of the eliminated contestants and their life after the show, like Trey, Sam, and others. While a smiling Mai checks her new bank account balance which was 4.56 million.

Squid Game: The Challenge is streaming on Netflix

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