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Meet the three finalists of Netflix’s Squid Game- The Challenge

Out of the 456 players at the beginning of the game, only three made it to the final round and are now competing against the hefty sum of 4.56 million dollars

Meet the three finalists of Netflix’s Squid Game- The Challenge
Squid Game: The Challenge Finalists

Last Updated: 12.37 AM, Dec 02, 2023


Squid Game: The Challenge is nearing its finale and after the nerve-wracking episode 9, we get to witness the three finalists who survived the ultimate and ruthless challenges. Based on Squid Game Kdrama, Squid Game: The Challenge is a reality competition series that began with 456 contestants, battling against the odds to take home the hefty cash prize of 4.56 million dollars. During the exciting journey, there were countless moments when viewers switched their emotions in each game and elimination and kept their fingers crossed to save their favorite from the dreadful elimination.

Meet the finalists

The cut-throat competition has finally narrowed down to three players. Here is a brief introduction for each of them

Mai (287)

The middle-aged Mai, originally hails from Vietnam, and later in the 1970s, her family immigrated to the States. Since she is a refugee, her heart has a soft spot for immigrants, and she even desires to help them if she emerges as the sole winner. With over 20 years of experience in the Navy, Mai now has been working as an immigrant adjudicator since 2013.

During the series, this 55-year-old woman presented her witty mind, strategic gameplay, and responsible outlook on challenges and life. Being closest to Chad, she was heartbroken when episode 9 marked his elimination during the game of dice. She also faced a lot of heat from other contestants due to her tough woman demeanor to save her best bud and eliminate Ashley (whose lack of responsibility eliminated Trey).

Mai is the only female contestant besides her much younger opponents.

Sam (016)

Sam is one of those contestants who stayed low profile in the initial episodes and also shared less screen time with very few talking heads byte. However, this strategy gave him an added advantage in the early game. This 37-year-old artist has exceptional luck, which also avoided a few eliminations for him. During episode 9, Sam reveals how he became distant and aloof when his religious family disowned him for coming out as gay. He reminisced about his early identity crisis during his growing years to fit in the world to avoid religious stereotypes. But eventually, he came out of the closet and left his home and family connections. Sam lives in Florida with his husband and dreams of contributing the money for career and animal protection causes.

Phill (451)

Phill is one of those contestants who never thought of making it to the last three. Settling from his home country Brazil to the States (Hawaii) during his teenage years– Phill is a scuba instructor with a cool attitude. His laid-back personality helped him avoid the spotlight of group dynamics and rivalries. However, his strong intuition and strategy were beautifully unveiled when he was nominated twice in the “Circle of trust” Episode 9, but he survived. When asked what will he do with the big prize money, he replied to help others.

Fate will be sealed on December 6 with the release of the finale episode only on Netflix.

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