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Watch: Simi Garewal’s rendezvous on Bigg Boss 16 takes the house by storm, Shalin Bhanot chooses anything but Tina Datta

Simi Garewal associated herself with Salman Khan's Bigg Boss the first time in 16 long years.

Watch: Simi Garewal’s rendezvous on Bigg Boss 16 takes the house by storm, Shalin Bhanot chooses anything but Tina Datta
Bigg Boss 16 - Simi Garewal.

Last Updated: 06.35 PM, Jan 12, 2023


Popular TV personality Simi Garewal has graced Bigg Boss 16. This is the first time that she has associated herself with Salman Khan’s show in 16 long years. In her first meeting itself, she stirred up a storm in the house.

Simi brought a task for the housemates where she tested everyone and their choices in life. That is when Shalin Bhanot chose to associate himself with anything but Tina Datta.

Watch the video here:

Simi gave Shalin an option to choose between Tina and chicken. Prompt came his response, “Ma’am, doosri plate mein kuch bhi aur hoga, main woh doosri plate chununga.” His answer took her by surprise but Shalin was determined to not choose Tina. That is when, in Shalin’s style, Simi mocked him. “Please, don’t be hard on him,” she told Shalin. For the uninitiated, that is what Shalin told Salman on the last Shukravaar Ka Vaar, when Salman started scolding Tina for her uncertainty when it came to Shalin. It is when the differences between Shalin and Tina started and what led to this point, where he’s ready to pick anything but Tina.

Apart from Shalin, Simi gave tough choices to Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary and Shiv Thakare, among others. She asked Priyanka to choose between unconditional love and fame. Priyanka chose love since she believes happiness is vital for living. She did add that she is ambitious and will chase the fame because she worked for it but love will be her first choice. Meanwhile, Shiv had to choose between fame and the girl of his dreams. He very surely chose fame, only to be disappointed that it is an if and or situation. Despite it, he still chose fame.

Simi had a surprise for Abdu Rozik. She told him I love you in his language – Tajiki. This left Abdu pleasantly surprised and he returned the love.

Simi Garewal is the OG host who would interview Bollywood celebs on her show, Rendezvous with Simi Garewal. After her show went off-air, Karan Johar’s Koffee With Karan came into being and became popular. She makes rare public appearances (evident through her coming on the show after 16 long years). Whether it is a hint that Simi will come back with her talk show, remains to be seen.

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