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Welcome To Samdal-ri – Ji Chang-Wook shares hilarious BTS moments from Jeju Island, ‘Did I step a poop?...’

Welcome To Samdal-ri is currently the 9th most-searched show on Google. It is an ongoing K-drama, and will end on January 21, 2024

Welcome To Samdal-ri – Ji Chang-Wook shares hilarious BTS moments from Jeju Island, ‘Did I step a poop?...’

Ji Chang-Wook from Welcome To Samdal-ri

Last Updated: 10.11 PM, Jan 14, 2024


A master of transformation! Ji Chang-Wook went from the high-octane action of Worst of Evil to the heartwarming romance of Welcome To Samdal-ri in a mere month. His ability to seamlessly navigate diverse genres is super iconic, and these two dramas are prime examples. Witnessing his raw power in Worst of Evil is absolutely opposite compared to the soft charm and tenderness he brings to Welcome To Samdal-ri, a performance that melts away every K-dramas lovers’ hearts.

Ji Chang-Wook and Shin Hye-Sun's chemistry

The sweet-cute chemistry between Ji Chang-Wook and Shin Hye-Sun in Welcome To Samdal-ri is not just setting Netflix on fire, it is also redefining K-drama romance. Their captivating performances have made the show the ninth most-searched romance drama on Google, proving that their undeniable charm as a couple is simply irresistible.

Ji Chang-Wook's behind-the-scenes moments

As Welcome To Samdal-ri is highly trending, Ji Chang-Wook shared some feel-good behind-the-scenes from Jeju Island. K-Drama fans know quite well about the scenic beauty of Jeju Island, and shooting the whole drama there is absolutely indelible for the whole cast and crew, as well as us fans!

In the behind-the-scenes footage, we got to know Ji Chang-Wook's humorous side. His joking with the crew members, making fun with them, joking around here and there, everything about the man is so lovely to watch. While answering one of the questions, Chang-Wook playfully shared that he would like to name his YouTube channel as “Young-Pil, the Pied Piper” (Young-Pil is the character of Chang-Wook from Welcome To Samdal-ri).


Welcome To Samdal-ri story

For those who have not watched Welcome To Samdal-ri yet, it’s a story about a photographer named Cho Sam-Dal, who used to be super famous, had big trouble, and lost everything. So, she went back to her hometown Jeju Island, feeling pretty down. There, she ran into her old best friend Jo Young-Pil, the one she had a crush on, but never actually dated. Sparks flew again, and it seems like they might finally get a chance at something real.

Finish date

Welcome To Samdal-ri released on December 2, 2023, and is still airing every Saturday and Sunday. The last and sixteenth episode will be dropped on January 21, 2024, only on Netflix.

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