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What's cooking between IU and BTS’ V? Watch some amusing behind-the-scenes pics

IU and V’s latest collaboration ‘Love Wins All’ was released four days ago, and it's already receiving crazy reactions

What's cooking between IU and BTS’ V? Watch some amusing behind-the-scenes pics

IU and BTS's V having fun time

Last Updated: 07.01 PM, Jan 28, 2024


K-pop dreams came true when soloist IU and BTS’ V dropped their duet, 'Love Wins All'. The music video, released on January 24, sent ripples of excitement through fandoms everywhere. It's no surprise, this collaboration was written in the stars. Fans can't get enough, showering the song with over 30 million views and heartfelt comments in just four days on YouTube. 'Love Wins All' is the anthem their hearts needed, and the love is pouring in loud and clear.

Behind-the-scenes from 'Love Wins All'

The frenzy of their fans might be reaching fever pitch, but IU and V seem to be basking in the joyful chaos. Today, IU unveiled some behind-the-scenes glimpses, and it's pure sunshine and laughter. Dressed in their song's costumes, the duo is a vision of radiant fun. IU floats in a dreamy, sunshine-hued yellowish wedding gown and veil, while V cuts a dashing figure in a crisp black suit and tie. Their chemistry is irresistible, and their smiles could light up a stadium.

V's contribution for 'Love Wins All'

Despite not being credited for the chorus, V has become the breakout star of 'Love Wins All’, driving the song to global iTunes dominance. His striking performance in the music video's post-apocalyptic battle scenes has undeniably elevated the track to 2024's standout hit, even without direct financial reward. While his powerful presence on screen may not translate to chart-topping royalties, V's impact on song is undeniable.

IU's first ever world tour

However, apart from her ‘Love Wins All’ success, IU is all set for her word tour - IU H.E.R. World Tour. This is the very first time the singer is having a word tour. Get ready for an epic musical adventure as the tour begins from March 2 in Seoul, South Korea, and promises to ignite stages across Asia, North America, and Europe. Culminating in a dazzling finale on August 2, 2024 in Los Angeles, California, this is a tour K-pop definitely wouldn't want to miss!

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