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When Jason Statham had a near death experience on The Expendables 3 sets after getting stuck in a vehicle underwater - Did you know?

Jason Statham streamer The Expendables franchise is streaming on Lionsgate Play, and you can watch it with your OTTplay Premium subscription. 

When Jason Statham had a near death experience on The Expendables 3 sets after getting stuck in a vehicle underwater - Did you know?
Jasom Statham's Near Death Experience On The Expendables Sets

Last Updated: 10.47 AM, Apr 29, 2024


Jason Statham is back, making buzz for the digital Indian premiere of his much-talked-about movie of the year, The Beekeeper. The film, which showcases him in an action avatar once again, has now dropped on Lionsgate Play, and you can access it with your OTTplay Premium subscription. Over the years, the star has only pushed the boundaries in the action genre as he has time and again re-established himself as one of the ultimate action stars. But did you know there was a time on the sets of The Expendables when Jason had a near-death experience after being stuck in a vehicle meters underwater? Even we are shocked.

Statham plays Lee Christmas in The Expendables, a franchise about misfits on a mission, and some very deadly ones at that. He is a mercenary among a group of mercenaries who go on several risky adventures. But one of the adventures in The Expendables 3 could have turned out to be fatal in real life, and Jason Statham might have had to pay for it with his life if he had not been clever enough to rescue himself. Read on to know everything you should about this throwback.


Jason Statham’s Accident on The Expendables 3 Sets

The scene that led to the accident occurs in the first act of the film, where the team is on a mission in Somalia. The Expendables have no option but to flee from pursuing henchmen while riding in a truck driven by Lee Christmas, played by Jason Statham. The scene was originally written with Statham having to stop the vehicle at the edge of the water as his team fires back at the bad men chasing them. Jason himself was behind the wheel, with no stunt double. The actor has vast experience as a stunt driver.

However, bad luck doesn’t announce itself before arriving; during one of the run-throughs for the stunt, the brakes of the flatbed truck failed and it flipped into the ocean with Jason Statham still inside. The actor couldn't escape while it was falling because his gun holster got stuck on the seat belt, making his chances of escaping the sinking vehicle even more difficult. Luckily, Statham was quick in making a decision and helped himself escape without panicking, which saved the day.

Jason Statham’s Is An Ace Diver

If you are uninitiated, Jason is also an ace diver who has even participated in Commonwealth Games representing the British National Squad. He was in the sport for 12 years. The actor was even close to making it to the Olympics, according to reports. However, he couldn't keep at it and soon became a model and later found Guy Ritchie, who became friends with him and pushed him towards acting. And the rest, as they say, is history. The Beekeeper and The Expendables franchise are streaming on Lionsgate Play, and you can watch it all with your OTTplay Premium subscription.

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