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When ‘Simran’ tied a rakhi to Shah Rukh Khan in front of a live audience!

This ‘incident’ happened at an awards function

When ‘Simran’ tied a rakhi to Shah Rukh Khan in front of a live audience!
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Last Updated: 03.59 PM, Apr 12, 2023


That Shah Rukh Khan is an undisputed King of romance is something that majority of the people will abide by. HI charisma his grace, his wit, his overall persona is good enough for anyone to go week on their knees. At a time when girls and women start swooning at the very mention of the name ‘Shah Rukh Khan’… we came across a young lady who got the opportunity to tie a rakhi to the man Shah Rukh Khan himself!

This ‘incident’ had happened at an awards function which was hosted by Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan. We assume that it must have been a part of truth or dare, when Alia Bhatt, the host with the most, told Shah Rukh Khan that he has to go and get a rakhi tied from someone. And after some searching, Shah Rukh Khan stops in front of a young lady who hugs him tightly. That’s when, Shah Rukh Khan unleashed his trademark humor and said, “The way she (the young lady) hugged me, it just did not look and feel like a sisterly hug, something that I want to clarify in front of the entire audiences. The audiences, by then, had broken into peels of laughter. And what followed after that was a fun banter between the young lady and Shah Rukh Khan.

The young lady, while tying a rakhi to Shah Rukh Khan said that her hands were trembling (while tying a rakhi to him). That’s when Shah Rukh Khan asked her, ‘Kyun kaap rahein hai behena?’ (Why are your hands trembling sister?). Wasting no time, the young lady said, ‘Socha tha kuch aur… kuch aur ho gaya. Saiyaan nahi toh bhaiyaa hi sahi” (What I had thought and what happned actually are totally opposite and different of each other. So, what he cannot be a ‘saiyya’ (husband), he can be my bhaiyaa (brother). That’s when, Shah Rukh Khan gently hugged the young lady and told her ‘God bless you lady” What happened after that was something that no one could have imagined. Shah Rukh Khan, in all sincerity, asked the girl her name. Shah Rukh Khan said, ‘What’s your name darling?”. Little did anyone expect the lady to answer what she answered. The lady answered, ‘Simran”. Readers may recall that, Kajol's charcater's name was called Simran in the film. 

Hearing that, Alia Bhatt (who was on stage) was totally taken by surprise as she exclaimed “This is not possible”. She even asked the young lady if her real name was Simran in real life, to which, the lady said yes. Shah Rukh Khan, in the meanwhile, looked at Alia Bhatt and said, “25 saal ke baad poora history badal chuki hai. Main Simran se mila aise hi vaadiyon mein, anjaan jagah par… aur who meri behen ban gayee”.

The young lady, then, went onto tell the iconic dialogue from Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Om Shanti Om’. The lady said, “Poori kaaynaat ne humko aaj mila diya”. To this, Shah Rukh Khan said, “Main tujhe bata raha hoon… bilul galat mila diya. Magar main zindagi bhar aapki raksha karoonga. Koi aapko tang karein toh mujhe bol dena. I mean, this is really sad”. And while going back to his place, Shah Rukh Khan tried to imitate the baritone voice of the late Amrish Puri’s iconic dialogue from his film ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’. Shah Rukh Khan said, “Jaa Simran jaa… jee le apni zindagi”.

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