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Who is Amit Lodha? The man behind the controversy over Netflix's Khakee: The Bihar Chapter

The plot 'Khakee: The Bihar Chapter' revolves around how the police caught a gangster who had reigned terror in Bihar's Sheikhpura.

Who is Amit Lodha? The man behind the controversy over Netflix's Khakee: The Bihar Chapter

IPS officer Amit Lodha: The inspiration behind Netflix's Khakee: The Bihar Chapter (Instagram)

Last Updated: 05.02 PM, Dec 17, 2022


A super cop drama from Netflix India titled Khakee: The Bihar Chapter is ready to enthral audiences. The Bihar Diaries, an autobiography by IPS officer Amit Lodha, served as the basis for Neeraj Pandey's web series. The policeman's stay in one of Bihar's lawless villages is chronicled in the book, as is how he managed to capture one of the area's most feared gangsters.

As a young man, Amit Lodha discovered that the civil services might provide the help that the society's voiceless people so desperately needed. He grew up idolising officers because his mother's father was an IAS officer. Lodha chose to pursue education and was successful on his first attempt in the IIT exams. As soon as he arrived at IIT Delhi, he started to fight the "inferiority complex" that had taken over his life.

When he decided to focus on studying for the UPSC exam, his life took a turn for the better. The 1988 batch officer outperformed his contemporaries because he was a true "public officer." Anybody who wished to phone him directly on his landline should do so at any moment, he would ask. After being transferred to Bihar, Amit Lodha started the Sambhav project to encourage local ventures and to maximise the potential of the state's youth. He was helpful in building the Bharat Ke Veer fund, which helped the families of martyrs, together with Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar.

A few years later, after successfully resolving a Naxal case and escaping an encounter, he was awarded the Police Gallantry Medal. But it was his capture of the "Gabbar Singh of Sheikhpura" that truly cemented his status as a national celebrity. Numerous murder cases were being investigated against the nameless gangster. Lodha's bravery and intelligence allowed him to catch the culprit after a nearly three-month-long pursuit spanning many states.

The police inspector general (IG) who was born in Rajasthan is currently the officer. Additionally, he was awarded the Internal Security Medal, the President's Police Medal for Outstanding Service, and the Police Medal for Bravery while serving. Following the popularity of his first book, Lodha also penned a second one last year with the working title Life in the Uniform.

Meanwhile, the fans and critics have been responding favourably to Neeraj Pandey's and actor Karan Tacker's Netflix series Khakee: The Bihar Chapter. The show is based on a period in the life of IPS officer Amit Lodha, which he chronicled in the book The Bihar Diaries. But IPS officer Lodha is courting controversy rather than revelling in the web series' success. He has been suspended after a case was filed against him for allegedly engaging in business with Netflix while holding a government position and for alleged acts of corruption.

An official statement claims that Lodha signed a contract with the streaming service and the production company Friday Storytellers while he was still an IPS officer in order to profit financially from his position. The department's investigation revealed that the claims of Lodha's corruption were accurate, and the Special Vigilance Unit filed a complaint on December 7 under sections 120B and 168 of the IPC as well as the IPC Act's provisions for the prevention of corruption as a result.

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