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Will there be Patna Shuklla sequel? Producer Arbaaz Khan hints at it | Exclusive

Patna Shuklla released on Disney+Hotstar today and Arbaaz Khan hinted if a sequel could be in the works

Will there be Patna Shuklla sequel? Producer Arbaaz Khan hints at it | Exclusive

Last Updated: 12.23 AM, Mar 30, 2024


Patna Shuklla has released on OTT and is getting a good response. The film deals with a roll number scam, which is among the many scams netizens claim happen in the educations system. So, when we caught up with Arbaaz Khan, we asked the actor-producer if he wishes to take up more scams. In particular, netizens pointed out a re-evaluation scam, which is supposing 300 people are in the exam, but only 10 pass because college makes money from re-evaluation forms.

Ask Arbaaz if it is an interesting topic to pick up and he says, “I have already made a film on this, you know. This is not completely close to the one that they say. Various kinds of scams can happen. Various kinds of discrepancies can happen in the education system or in any other system. So, you make a film on one topic, on one incident.”


He further added, “Our incident is a little different from that. Our role model is on the role number scam. So, you know, it is not necessary about reopening papers and charging money for it and all that stuff. This is the story of a marginalized girl who is a rickshaw driver’s daughter. Beechari wo padhna chaati hai, baap ne paise ikhatta karke koshish ki usko padhaane ki. Ab usko jo lagta hai ki uske jo numbers aane chahiye, wo utne aaye nahi. And she firmly believes ki ye mere number ho hi nahi sakte, kyunki jis kism ke maine answers diye hain, jitna mehnat kiya, ye ho hi nahi sakta hai. Ab usne apne jo bhi darqwas rakhi thi university ko, university ne bola ki humne recheck kiye aur humne aapka paper recount kiya aur humne aapko yahi bata diya. So she says no you would have to redo my papers again, recheck my papers again and that so that the fight is about that and how the university is involved in a particular scam and how that is involving a very powerful person aur uske baad jo complications hote hain, jisme ek not-so-equipped lawyer jo uska case ladd rahi hai aur woh kaise she ups a game and how she how she does her research and how, let's say a David versus Goliath scenario, where there is a very powerful antagonist and a protagonist who is not so powerful, how they match up to that scenario to get justice for this girl.”

Speaking of the possibility of Patna Shuklla sequel nonetheless, Arbaaz added, “Sequels are based on how a film is received. We are quite confident that this film is going to be received very well. And InshaAllah if this film is received well, we are already in talks and we are already working on subjects which are going to be, could be a good sequel to Patna Shuklla.”

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