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Woody Harrelson jokes about Covid-19 vaccine in SNL monologue, receives MASSIVE SUPPORT online

The latest celebrity to make headlines with his Saturday Night Live hosting gig is Hollywood heavyweight Woody Harrelson. The The Messenger actor has courted controversy after taking a dig at Covid-19 vaccine.

Woody Harrelson jokes about Covid-19 vaccine in SNL monologue, receives MASSIVE SUPPORT online
Woody Harrelson

Last Updated: 01.12 PM, Feb 27, 2023


Woody Harrelson, although not new to controversies, has yet again irked certain people after he joked about Covid-19 vaccine shots.

The actor, who has recently hosted the SNL for a fifth time, started his monologue with the ‘craziest scripts’ he has ever received in his career spanning decades.

“So the movie goes like this: the biggest drug cartels in the world get together and buy up all the media and all the politicians and force all the people in the world to stay locked in their homes,". And people can only come out if they take the cartels' drugs and keep taking them over and over,” shared the No Country for Old Men star. Before adding, "I threw the script away. I mean, who was going to believe that crazy idea? Being forced to do drugs? I do that voluntarily all day.”

Harrelson also touched upon many topics before he started talking about the script in question which was shared with him during the lockdown in 2020 for curbing the spread of Coronavirus.


However, not everyone is happy with Woody Harrelson’s apparent attack on Covid-19 vaccine implementation, with one commenting, “When someone like Woody Harrelson says something like his on SNL you know the tide is turning. Is your Christian pastor this brave?”

Another user commented, "I like Woody Harrelson in his film roles. I also like that we live in a society where we are open for him to express his opinions.” And a third person wrote, “Woody Harrelson sums up the Covid scam perfectly.” Under one of the posts related to Harrelson’s monologue, one user wrote, “Someone protect this man.” “Woke New York audience ain't clapping,” read another comment.

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