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World Mental Health Day 2023: Shruti Haasan opens up on how therapy changed her life completely

Multi talented actress Shruti Haasan spoke her heart on on the occasion of 'World Mental Health Day 2023'

World Mental Health Day 2023: Shruti Haasan opens up on how therapy changed her life completely
PC: Instagram

Last Updated: 09.06 PM, Oct 10, 2023


Today is ‘World Mental Health Day’, a day that’s dedicated to talk about the mental health. Thanks to the advent of OTT platforms and social media platforms, the term ‘mental health’ is no longer considered as a taboo or looked down upon. Additionally, its also absolutely fine to let the world know that (if at all) you are / were undergoing a therapy. Speaking about telling the world about undergoing a therapy, today, on the occasion of ‘World Mental Health Day’, Aamir Khan and his daughter Ira Khan made a video wherein they spoke about reaping the benefits of therapy for years and also urged the viewers to seek therapy when needed.

On the other hand, there was actress Shruti Haasan who posted a video on the occasion of ‘World Mental Health Day’. She captioned the post stating, “World mental health day chat with my puffy face and happy heart - I can’t tell you all how much I’ve benighted from therapy and talking - it completely changed my life - but it’s about knowing what suits you best but it’s always important to acknowledge that there’s no weakness only strength in helping yourself we can find our way together and we must always talk #mentalhelathmatters #imhuman #talkaboutit”.

In the video, Shruti Haasan spoke about the five important things that she follows to be mentally fit and healthy. She started off the video by terming mental health as a part of overall health and well-being and highlighted the importance of being compassionate towards one’s self and those around us. She said that, there are an amazing number of avenues and trained and skilled professionals to help, specifically with the mental health concerns. She also emphasized on the fact that, one should not have any hesitations to talk and address about mental health.

This was followed by the five things that she keeps checking with myself. As a first, Shruti Haasan said that, she kept a check on her anxiety levels and what were her triggers. For this, she revealed that, she had kept a diary recognizing her patterns of anxiety which has really helped her because one starts to become more equipped.

The second, as stated by Shruti Haasan, was her interaction and relationship with social media. She explained this by stating that, it was not totally about social media, but, about other people's opinions and how much does she let them affect her or not affect her.

The third thing which Shruti Haasan spoke about was the importance of exercise and regular fitness. She said that, by exercising and doing regular fitness, it balances the chemicals and hormones in the body and gives an individual a better state of mind.

The fourth thing, which she said was about checking in with herself by not just getting into the rut of the day but saying to oneself how are you today and what do you want to think about and talk about?!

The fifth thing which Shruti Haasan spoke was about communicating with the ones she loved and talking to them and asking them how they were doing and never judging as one can never ever judge someone else’s process!

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