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Yash 19 Title Announcement - Rocking Star Yash and co. confirmed to share mega update on THIS date

Rocking Star Yash took to social media very recently to finally confirm that 'Yash 19' title announcement is now just around the corner!

Yash 19 Title Announcement - Rocking Star Yash and co. confirmed to share mega update on THIS date
Yash 19 mega update on its way

Last Updated: 11.08 AM, Dec 04, 2023


"It's time," says Rocking Star Yash as he finally shares an update about the all-important project, 'Yash 19'. The drumroll, as it were, for this update had begun well in advance because eagle-eyed fans of the actor had spotted him changing his social media DP or Display Picture to 'Loading'. Many believed that the announcement, now, was just around the corner.

And it is indeed closer than we all expected because the crucial title announcement of 'Yash 19' will be made on 8th December, exactly at 9:55 am. KVN Productions, who are backing the film, will share this super intriguing update via their social media handles on the said date.

Needless to say, all the Rocking Star fans are super kicked about the prospects but more importantly, they are relieved about the fact that the ball has finally got rolling. Yash, of course, has famously been urging all of them to be more patient because, in his own words, he hasn't wasted a single day in putting together something special for them. That special treat will be unveiled in a matter of a couple of days now.

Will Geetu Mohandas be directing this project? Well, that still remains a mystery and the poster that Yash shared earlier today does not contain any information regarding this - in fact, it boldly includes a huge 'question mark' to make things more interesting. But it shouldn't come as a surprise if Geetu Mohandas is revealed to be the director of 'Yash 19', after all, given that the Malayalam filmmaker has been widely speculated to be associated with the project for a while now.

More about the possible story and other details of Yash 19 here:

Another round of speculations that emerged more recently was about 'Yash 19' having gone on floors already. Rumours were rife about Yash and Co. attaching a teaser or a promo of some kind with the title announcement but at this point, it would seem it's just the title that will make its way out. Who knows? There could be another surprise in store for all the fans. More updates to follow.

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