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Yash 19: Yash to turn director for his next? What is Hollywood stuntman JJ Perry's role in this?

Fans of the Rocking Star may have a huge shocker in store, after all!

Yash 19: Yash to turn director for his next? What is Hollywood stuntman JJ Perry's role in this?
Yash 19 announcement to be a massive surprise?
  • Swaroop Kodur

Last Updated: 04.12 PM, Mar 29, 2023

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Yash 19, the tentative title awarded to Rocking Star Yash's follow-up film to KGF 2, continues to be a pressing topic among moviegoers. One has encountered several reports over the past few months regarding this much-awaited announcement - each time a tentative date is thrown up, fans have built up expectations only to be disappointed eventually.

Yash, who has chosen to stay mum the entire time, has evidently been prepping for something and one manages to pick up a hint or two from all the clamour around. The Narthan project, in all likelihood, is either back-burnered or shelved completely and the rumoured film that Tamil director S. Shankar was developing for him, too, seems to be off the table for now. 

Bollywood, too, got involved and many reports stated that he might be seen headlining the second instalment of the Brahmastra series but those claims fizzled out quite early on. No doubt, the seesawing has tested the patience of even the most ardent of fans and the restlessness in the air is now almost palpable at this point.

April 14, 2023 - The D-Day

As per the latest reports, Yash will be announcing his next (Yash 19) on April 14, to mark the first anniversary of the release of KGF 2. The occasion is special, no doubt, and considering that Yash is expected to make not one but multiple big announcements on the day, the countdown has already begun for the fans. Aside from discussing his next film, reports claim that the Rocking Star will also launch his own production banner on the day and quite possibly begin that journey with Yash 19. 

The move, we are informed, will potentially come as a joint venture with KVN Productions who have been associated with the film in question for quite some time. 

Could the film be another high-octane action thriller? Yash's 6-month-old Instagram post which also features the famous Hollywood stuntman and director JJ Perry certainly nudges the predictions toward a slick action thriller. Though the gun training he is seen receiving in the video post may not have anything to do with his next, reports suggest that there is an evident link between the two.

Rocky Bhai, the director!

Well, that is not all because we also hear that Yash could also turn director for the first time in his career for his next. Though one might find these speculations to be completely unfounded, the ongoing chatter suggests that the 37-year-old actor has a massive surprise in store for everyone and the same would be confirmed on April 14. 

In the recent past, Yash has spoken about wanting to take more risks and not seeing the success of KGF 2 as the pinnacle. While taking on film direction may come as a huge shocker, it would be interesting to see what the superstar has been putting together all these days. All eyes on April 14 now!