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Yeh Meri Family cast: We used to live in the moment in the 90s, but we don't anymore | Exclusive

The cast of the latest released web series, Yeh Meri Family—Rajesh Kumar, Juhi Parmar, and Hetal Gada—live a constipated life in the virtual world, the opposite of the 90's era.

Yeh Meri Family cast: We used to live in the moment in the 90s, but we don't anymore | Exclusive
Yeh Meri Family cast

Last Updated: 08.46 PM, May 25, 2023


As the TVF Original web series Yeh Meri Family is gaining love from the audience post-release, the cast of the show—Juhi Parmar, Rajesh Kumar, and the child actor Hetal Gada—pointed out everything that they are missing from the 90's era.

The story of the show is set in the 1990s, when life used to revolve around landline phone calls and cable TV networks, and 'binge watch and chill' was not a way to spend leisure time.

In a quirky chat with OTTplay, we asked three principal characters of the show what the few things they miss from the gone-by era are.

Juhi, who is playing the character of Neerja Awasthi, told OTTplay, "I think in the 90's era, we used to live the life for real, in real life, rather than living it in the virtual world. These days, putting out a life in the virtual world has become so important, and the way we are constantly checking our phones, we are not living in the moment. Earlier, since there was no mobile phone, human interaction was real. I miss the 90's era where human emotional interaction was more face-to-face and living in the moment was more important than talking on the phone."

Adding to that, Rajesh Kumar, who is widely loved by the audience for his character Rosesh in Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai, said, "These days, I think out of our five senses, only two of them are fully used: we see, and we hear. Baaki sab sense non-sense ho gaya hai (laughed) because all that we are doing is scrolling through what's happening around us and giving instant reactions through emojis and short words. We are not laughing out loud but just putting one reaction as 'LOL' and moving on to the next feed and scrolling up for more social media feeds. After hearing something, before reacting to them, earlier we used to process it. There was no pressure for an immediate reaction to everything, but now we are running after what's trending. I would say these days we are living a very constipated life where we are doing everything in small amounts but with no depth.

It was interesting to notice how the child actor of the show, Hetal Gada, who plays a teenager with her own set of struggles just to have her newfound privacy in writing her heart out in a diary or riding her father's scooter, said that throughout the show, she has gotten a chance to live through an era she never got a chance to in real life.

Hetal said, "I was not born in the 90's era, but the kinds of stories I have heard from all my senior co-actors during the shooting of our show made me realise a few things. I think earlier people used to be more spontaneous when doing things instead of overthinking and fearing judgement before saying or doing something casually. These days, there's so much pressure to be correct, and overthinking puts us into depression at times."

Yeh Meri Family, directed by Mandar Kurundkar, also features Anngad Maaholay and Veena Mehta, among others. The show streams on Amazon miniTV.

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