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Yeh Meri Family is back! The TVF series finally gets its second season

The first season premiered on Netflix in 2018.

Last Updated: 12.57 PM, Apr 27, 2023


The second season of TVF's Yeh Meri Family, a cult family drama with an exceptional narrative, will premiere on Amazon miniTV shortly. The first season received a high score of 9/10 on IMDB thanks to its realistic storyline and charming characters that portrayed a regular Indian home. The second season is expected to delve into relatable subjects while introducing a few new characters and characteristics. The next second season will debut only on Fire TV and Amazon MiniTV in the Amazon Shopping App.

The second season, with a typical '90s family premise, will focus on the subtleties of how a middle-class family from the era went about their daily routine, but this time the scenarios will have an intriguing twist! This lovely and treasured decade will recall happier times when people used to display posters of their favourite Bollywood actors in their bedrooms, when having a car made your neighbours envious, when the entire nation celebrated Sachin's century, and when owning a landline phone at home was a luxury. It will capture the spirit of this illustrious decade!


Yeh Meri Family is a cult program for all the right reasons, according to Amogh Dusad, Head of Content for Amazon miniTV. It is just admirable how the enchantment of the 1990s combined with their longtime colleagues, The Viral Fever, unparalleled storytelling technique. With Amazon MiniTV, they want to provide fantastic tales that all Indians may watch for nothing!

Millions of people connected strongly with Yeh Meri Family's Season 1, and they are honoured to work with TVF to provide the upcoming season of this show exclusively to the audience. It will undoubtedly transport one back in time, said Aruna Daryanani, Head of Business, Amazon miniTV.

President of TVF Vijay Koshy commented on the second season, saying that their goal was to portray a powerful, intergenerational family story set in the 1990s. Before social media and other technologies, the 1990s were a more innocent time. It brings up a lot of memories of simpler times. Since a significant section of TVF's early audience comes from the 1990s generation, they are aware of the strong emotional ties that individuals have to this time period. They are sure that Yeh Meri Family season 2 will be an extraordinary experience and touch everyone who grew up in the 1990s on an emotional level.

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