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Yogi assures that Sidlingu 2 will be a family entertainer with no adult humour

Sidlingu 2, directed by Neer Dose and Thothapuri fame Vijayaprasad, will be in theatres for Varamahalakshmi habba or Dasara at the latest

Yogi assures that Sidlingu 2 will be a family entertainer with no adult humour
Yogi in an image from Sidlingu; he will now reunite with director Vijayaprasad for Sidlingu 2

Last Updated: 12.18 PM, Mar 23, 2024


Ever since news broke that director Vijayaprasad was set to collaborate with Loose Mada Yogi yet again for a sequel to their hit film Sidlingu, the duo has been besieged with messages urging them to keep the film clean. This is because Vijayaprasad has created an image for himself with films like Neer Dose, Petromax and Thothapuri that adult humour with double-meaning jokes is his forte. With Sidlingu 2, though, the filmmaker and Yogi promise that it will not have such comedy and will be a neat family entertainer.

The cast and crew of Sidlingu 2
The cast and crew of Sidlingu 2

Speaking at the film’s official launch, Yogi said that he was thankful to the producer Hari from Niharika Movies for trusting the duo at a time when both do not have a guaranteed market in the film and being willing to back it. Sidlingu 2 comes 12 years after the original and is a sequel in terms of story progression, with a handful of characters from the first film reprising their roles here too.

“Sometimes when films are split in different parts or made in instalments, there could be a disconnect between them, but here, it is an organic progression,” he says. Yogi as Sidlingu will be joined by Suman Ranaganth’s Andalamma and Anthony Kamal, with the rest of the cast new to the plot.

The script and dialogues of Sidlingu 2 have been written keeping in mind the feedback the team has got from audiences. “We got a lot of messages that if Vijayaprasad makes yet another film with adult comedy he should leave the industry. Both of us are keen to remain the film industry, so Sidlingu 2 has been written with that intention. This time around, Vijayaprasad has written scenes and dialogues that will not offend anyone’s sensibilities.

Sidlingu 2 pairs Yogi with Sonu Gowda, whom he has known for 15 years but never got to collaborate with professionally, making it their first onscreen encounter. Most importantly, Sidlingu 2 will be a 2024 release. The team is targeting a Varamahalakmi festival or Dasara outing for the film.

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