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'You take Charlie, put somebody else': Rakshit Shetty's hilarious response to Kiranraj K's sequel plans

In an interview during the pre-release promotions of 777 Charlie, Rakshit Shetty opened up about the not-so-easy task of working with non-human actors

'You take Charlie, put somebody else': Rakshit Shetty's hilarious response to Kiranraj K's sequel plans
Rakshit Shetty with pal Charlie on the sets of '777 Charlie'

Last Updated: 08.14 PM, Jun 06, 2023


In all fairness, if there's one actor/filmmaker of the current era of Kannada cinema who deserves the title of 'Kanasugara', or the dreamer, it is Rakshit Shetty. Over the past decade or so, Rakshit has become one of the marquee names of the Kannada Film Industry who has striven hard with each project of his to push the envelope for those around and also those to follow. 

Having scored a big hit quite early on in the form of Simple Aagi Ondh Love Story, Rakshit immediately forayed into film direction and garnered the love and respect of the new-age audience that was ardently rallying for him. Though his directorial debut Ulidavaru Kandanthe did not yield the desired results at the box office, the film has gone on to become a cult success of a kind with its inventive screenplay, music and the nativity finding admirers from all corners of the world. 

But Rakshit would not get complacent with the attention and instead chose to take things up a notch by also turning producer in the immediate future. He would launch his banner 'Paramvah Studios' in 2016 with the superhit Kirik Party and announced himself as the next big thing in the industry. Rakshit Shetty wasn't just an actor/filmmaker alone but also a producer and writer who could be incredibly self-reliant in the business.

Since then, Paramvah Studios has produced several noteworthy titles including big-budget flicks such as Avane Srimannarayana and 777 Charlie. Both films featured Rakshit in the lead and the latter managed to take him 'pan-India' by virtue of a box office success. 

The Kiranraj K film follows the quirky and unique relationship between a man named Dharma (Rakshit) and his canine housemate Charlie and the film managed to tug at the heartstrings of the audience for its many endearing qualities. Though the film took multiple years to get made, it was eventually appreciated by both critics and audiences across the country for its cinematography, the prominence of a dog as a character and other features. 

For Rakshit Shetty, however, acting alongside a dog wasn't the most pleasant experience and certainly not like the one seen in the film. By his own admission, 'collaborating' with a canine or any non-human performer isn't the easiest part of your job and once you find yourself in the thick of it, you find your patience levels being tested and pushed quite a bit. However, having endured the shoot and found ways to get things done, Rakshit was surprised to see that his director Kiranraj had a sequel in mind!

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