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Young Royals Forever OTT release date - Watch the documentary on the Young Royals teen-drama on THIS platform

Young Royals Forever OTT release date - The documentary to release on the same date alongside Young Royals Season 3 finale

Young Royals Forever OTT release date - Watch the documentary on the Young Royals teen-drama on THIS platform

Young Royals Forever

Last Updated: 09.25 PM, Feb 22, 2024


Fans of Netflix's hit series - Young Royals can rejoice! A documentary titled - Young Royals Forever is coming soon. The story of Young Royals delves into the unique love story of two high school boys, Prince Wilhelm and Simon. The series explores themes of young love, identity, and the challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community in the society.

Where to watch Young Royals Forever

Young Royals Forever is made by the streaming giant to show some exclusive behind-the-scenes, some interesting interviews of the actors from the Young Royals series. The documentary will be released on the same date of Young Royals Season 3’s Finale, on March 18, 2024, only on Netflix.

What is it about Young Royals Forever?

Young Royals Forever offers a glimpse into the production of Season 3 of the popular Swedish series. The documentary features interviews with cast members, including Edvin Ryding and Omar Rudberg, who reflect on their characters' journeys and the show's ending. Rudberg even playfully proposes making a Young Royals movie in the future. He says in the official clip, "I think we should make a Young Royals movie in five years. Or in two years.”


Young Royals' lovebirds Simon and Wilhelm have faced numerous challenges since their debut in 2021. From keeping their romance under wraps to navigating a sex tape scandal, their bond has been tested time and again. Season 2 threw another curveball their way, as they grappled with the fallout from the leaked video and a surprising season finale twist.

What does the Young Royals Season 3 trailer depict?

The trailer opens with showing Simon's internal struggle. He says, "I always try to be there for him, but whatever I do, it seems like it turns out wrong. Love shouldn't be this difficult." We can see a tense exchange between him and Wilhelm, their happiness tinged with uncertainty. The next scene cuts to a shocking moment. Wilhelm gets into a heated physical fight with his second cousin, August. The tension escalates further as a Hillerska official addresses the students, their stern voice carrying a message with unknown consequences. The trailer leaves us with unanswered questions, hinting at a season filled with love, conflict, and high stakes at the prestigious boarding school.

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