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Young Royals Season 3 – Are Wilhem and Simon officially dating? What did they have to sacrifice?

The teen-drama has successfully grabbed much attention since 2021, and now after a long one year of gap, it is back with a bang

Young Royals Season 3 – Are Wilhem and Simon officially dating? What did they have to sacrifice?

Young Royals Season 3

Last Updated: 10.11 PM, Jan 18, 2024


After dropping the exclusive first-looks from Season 3 on January 10, within eight days, Netflix has teased fans once again with an official clip of Young Royals. Previously, the eight images hinted at the return of the old cast. Their appearances and surroundings hint at a shift in dynamics and major conflicts in the upcoming season.

What does the official clip show?

This time, the new one-minute-thirty-one-second clip shows Prince Wilhelm is back at Hillerska, the fancy boarding school he is studying. He doesn't look too happy. The show follows Wilhelm's life at school and his love story with Simon, another student. Their relationship has been through quite harsh paths, but things got really bad at the end of last season. Wilhelm’s confession in public that he was the one in the leaked video, after Simon finally told him he loved him, created quite a buzz. Now, fans are wondering what will happen next.

The clip also shows as graduation knocks at the door, Stella, Fredrika, and Madison dream about their futures, beyond their school Hillerska's closed walls. Yet, within the palace, Felice's reality shifts on a text, Wilhelm's message, a bridge between kingdoms that could make their destinies stronger.


About other characters

The most intriguing part that fans are wondering after seeing the first images, is whether Wilhem and Simon will finally become lovers or not, as they are rooting for them. However, the other characters - Sara's apprehensive look spoke volume, while August is seen seeking solace in the bed. But the most captivating image is Wilhelm, seemingly acting as Simon's bridge to the Royal Family.

Release date

Although Netflix has not revealed the date of Season 3’s release, it hinted at March 2024. This new season will be showing the aftermath of Wilhem leaking the nude video tape in the previous season.

Young Royals story

Young Royals is a love story for teenagers, which focuses on the LGBTQ+ community. It's about a Swedish prince named Wilhelm, who goes to a fancy boarding school. There, he meets and falls in love with another boy named Simon. But things get messy because Wilhelm is a prince, and Simon is not. Last year Netflix dropped a teaser from Season 3. The short video was filled with some intense moments between Simon and Wilhelm, some steamy kisses, and hints that things are about to get really dramatic for them.

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