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Zac Efron reunites with Nicole Kidman for A Family Affair - Release date, plot, where to watch; everything you should know

A Family Affair stars Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman alongside Joey King and is set to release on Netflix. 

Zac Efron reunites with Nicole Kidman for A Family Affair - Release date, plot, where to watch; everything you should know
Everything About A Family Affair

Last Updated: 07.21 PM, May 29, 2024


It seems like the Zac Efron season has returned, as he is yet again in the headlines for all the right reasons. Just earlier this week, we were talking about the re-release of his much-anticipated movie The Iron Claw on Lionsgate Play in India. And now, there's more exciting news. If you're an Efron fan and you've been hoping to see more of him on screen, your prayers have been answered. Zac Efron is now walking the Netflix red carpet as a womaniser who falls for Nicole Kidman. Yes, you heard that right. Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman are set to reunite after over a decade as lovers in a unique film titled A Family Affair. Netflix has now announced the release date of the film, and below is everything you need to know about this exciting update.

A Family Affair on Netflix

If you've been following the news, it was reported long ago that Zac Efron is reuniting with Nicole Kidman after The Paperboy, which was released back in 2012. The anticipation grew instantly because the two had created magic together back then, and the vibe is still fresh. When it was finally revealed that they were reuniting for a love story, the buzz intensified. A Family Affair is a movie set to release on Netflix and also stars Joey King in a leading role. Netflix has confirmed the release date, and we have all the details here.

A Family Affair Release Date

On their official Instagram handle, Netflix confirmed that A Family Affair will be released next month. The streamer confirmed that the Zac Efron starrer will be available worldwide on June 28, 2024. Announcing it with a poster, the streaming giant captioned, “This is A Family Affair, let's definitely NOT stay out of this. #AFamilyAffair premieres June 28, only on Netflix!” Fans have been going crazy in the comments section and cannot wait for the release.

A Family Affair Plot & Cast

The story revolves around a girl who is fed up with her womanising boss, who also happens to be a movie superstar. Frustrated with his habits, she quits her job. However, she soon discovers that her widowed mother is having an affair with her former boss. The man she wanted to leave behind in the office is now in her home. How does she handle this situation? What will be the dynamic between the three, and how will they overcome the ensuing drama?

The film stars Nicole Kidman as the mother, Zac Efron as the superstar Chris Cole, and Joey King as Zara. Additionally, the film features Sherry Cola, Gissette Valentin, and Olivia Macklin. The film is directed by Richard LaGravenese, who also co-wrote it with Carrie Solomon.


Additional Information

Meanwhile, fans can also catch Zac Efron in The Iron Claw, which hits Lionsgate Play on June 14 and can be accessed with your OTTplay Premium subscription. A Family Affair hits Netflix on June 28, 2024. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else from the world of streaming and films.

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