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Zeenat Aman posts a Netflix’s Griselda-inspired look along with a cryptic note on ageing gracefully

Former Miss India and veteran actress Zeenat Aman has a heartwarming social media presence, posting snazzy, vintage clicks along with wise musings that entertain and enlighten with equal vigour.

Zeenat Aman posts a Netflix’s Griselda-inspired look along with a cryptic note on ageing gracefully
Zeenat Aman/ Instagram

Last Updated: 04.22 PM, Mar 13, 2024


Zeenat Aman took to her Instagram today to post a photo inspired by Netflix’s Griselda, a limited series on the eponymous drug queen flawlessly portrayed by Sofia Vergara. To match the look, the yesteryear heroine donned a stunning, fitted animal-print top with dark leggings. Leaving her silvery locks smooth and loose, she accessorised a minimalistic pair of earrings and an elaborate metallic bracelet on one arm, balancing the look with a pair of sunglasses.

Zeenat Aman explains the graceful manner of ageing at a physical level

Her timeless, powerful photo in black and white was accompanied by a lengthy note on the different kinds of ageing. She explained two kinds:. The first graceful manner of ageing is attained on a physical level. Aman explained how the essence of stardom today is geared to address this purpose. She shared how every “star” has a team of people, comprising nutritionists, dentists, cosmetic surgeons, personal trainers, makeup artists and more.

The entire team has only one purpose: to buff, polish, smooth over, and erase flaws, wrinkles, and errant strands of hair, to doll them up and project them as the perfect persona, while the celeb nonchalantly plays their public persona. Then Zeenat Aman contrasted it with the second kind of graceful ageing. According to her, ageing gracefully in emotion and conduct is the real “tricky one.”

Zeenat Aman elaborates on the emotional and classy way of ageing gracefully

She further disclosed how fame and remaining “on trend” often invite clout chasers who are desperate for a modicum of their relevance to influence or guide them in some way. But little do those foolish fans know that it is all lies, simply a mirage. Aman does not intend to chastise, but her internal sighs can be heard when such behaviour and lies come from someone close and unexpected.

Nearing the end of the note, Aman cryptically wished she could say most people have left behind such “idiotic antics” but sadly that is not the situation here. Aman ended the note with a mild Gulzar reference, that nothing is really new here, the same story, but a different year. While it is hard to hazard a guess if she subtly implicated any specific starry individual, her pearls of wisdom are wholesome indeed.

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