A Quiet Place Part II review: This Emily Blunt-Cillian Murphy starrer leaves a more powerful impact than its original
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Critics Review
A Quiet Place Part II review: This Emily Blunt-Cillian Murphy starrer leaves a more powerful impact than its original

This John Kraisinki directorial is a perfect blend of good acting, cinematography and sound

Shaheen Irani
Oct 08, 2021
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A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II takes you back to the day when the monstrosity started. It then brings you back to the present times where the Abbott family is struggling to survive despite having found a solution to kill the monsters. They meet Emmett (Cillian Murphy) and after some hesitation, he becomes an important part of their journey. Will they all be able to survive the attacks? The movie takes us through their journey.


The film commences in its classic way - with empty streets. John Krasinski is alive in this part. It begins with a flashback of the happier and zealous times the family had. Cillian Murphy also makes his entry in the film and the family lives through this moment, right before tragedy strikes.

Chaos ensues and the build-up to the plot itself begins on a terrifying note. We finally get to see day 1 of the terror, thanks to this film.

The introduction itself gives the viewers a hint at what is happening, before moving on to the present day where the fam or at least what's remaining of it, has figured out a way to kill the monsters.

The confusion sets in as most members of the family get scattered and do their own thing without any reasonable explanation, at least at the beginning of the movie.

The cinematography and locations are, as usual, brilliant. The transition from soft footsteps to scared faces sets the tone of the film, once again.

The trio falls into a trap and the confusion continues. Cillian re-enters amidst the confusion and chaos. His moment with Evelyn (Emily) is something but it is just the tip of what the two actors bring along. Soon after this moment, Cillian does something that proves his mettle as an actor.

The young kids Regan and Marcus Abbott, played by Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe, have their moment in sign language which is beautiful to watch. Millicent, especially, just like last time, is a delight to watch. She is a brave little kid who could be something between stupid and smart at times. This ends up costing her dearly for a split second, at least twice in the film.

All the members - the Abbott family and Emmett (Cillian) end up at an emotional crossroads. The scene is portrayed beautifully and not in the cliched manner of the family coming together. Everyone is on their separate journey and still, witness the moments of weakness and strength. The scene, divided into two locations, literally talks about new life in the form of the sun rising and death in the form of the loss of a loved one. To add to it, the third family member is still sailing between the boat of life and death.

The background music in the film adds to the suspense. New monsters are discovered in this part of the film. They bring in equal terror, if not more.

The saga of stories running parallelly continues. However, this time, it appears forced. The story once again continues on a bizarre note. How is it that one neighbourhood can party while the others are fighting demons?

After all the terror, the film takes a dramatic turn. However, the film soon gets back on track and has jumpscares too. The last scene, especially, is sure to keep you intrigued with a twisted knot in your stomach for what would happen next. The theme of parallel stories works for John Kraisinki directorial majorly, for it shows the emotions of the entire family.

All in all, A Quiet Place Part II retains the charm of the original film and is even better at some places.


While John Krasinski offers a surprise in A Quiet Place Part II, Cillian Murphy is a bigger surprise. Emily Blunt is good but it is Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe who steal the show. Their good acting combined with brilliant background music and cinematography makes the movie a must-watch.

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