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Critics Review
Alpha Adimai review: This indie film has its moments, thanks to a few compelling sequences and convincing performances

The movie, which has a runtime of less than 90 minutes, is streaming on SonyLIV

Thinkal Menon
Sep 03, 2021
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Two young entrepreneurs plan a party with friends. They seek the help of a drug peddler to spice up the occasion. But little did they know that cops are after them. All plans go haywire when the drug peddler and his two accomplices outsmart the cops.  


Jinovi's crime thriller Alpha Adimai begins with a quote from Fyodor Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov about people indulging in wrong things. We are then introduced to Dheeraj (Vinod Varma) and Vicky (Arun Nagaraj), two young entrepreneurs, who plan a party with friends. They get in touch with Mayilsamy (Kalki), a local drug supplier, who has been in the business for several years with the help of his brother Aaru (Jinovi) and newbie Ponnan (Eshwar). 

However, Mayil learns from his friend that cops are after peddlers in town, and thus plans to escape to Ooty with his accomplices. Sensing danger, Mayil instructs the youngsters not to approach him again, though the latter manage to convince him by paying extra money. The youngsters who are later caught by cops for smoking weed are asked to help the peddler and his aides. What follows is a roller-coaster ride. 

Made in a shoe-string budget, the story which unfolds in one night, has ample moments required for a nail-biting thriller. But the plot, which has one-night stands, alpha mindset and ego between two bisexual friends as some of its subtexts, has less than 90 minutes to establish what the filmmaker intends to. What stands out in the movie are the performances of Kalki and Jinovi (who is also the film's director). 

The duo, who acts as brothers, entertain the viewers for a lion's share of its portions, thanks to their convincing body language and some hilarious conversations between them. Kalki, in the role of the dominating elder brother, and Jinovi, as the submissive younger brother, share compelling on-screen chemistry, and carry the film on their shoulders. 

Vinod and Arun are apt in the roles of ambitious youngsters, who get mired in the cat-and-mouse-game between cops and drug peddlers. The director has titled the film as 'Alpha Adimai' based on the character, Ponnan, played by Eshwar, who is seen as the newly joined aide to Mayil. The suspiciousness associated with his character evokes interest from the first scene that features him and Mayil. 

His character arc, too, is interesting, though a few questions are left unanswered. But his actions towards the climax become too predictable which spoils the essence of the twist the director intends to offer to the viewers. Watch out for the sequence in which the opportunist in him utilizes an untoward incident to his advantage.    

A poster of the film

The editing by Aswin CK is another reason which makes it a watchable film. Manikandan Murthy's cinematography is effective in a few sequences while music by Sathya and Jen are okayish.  


With a runtime of less than 90 minutes, Alpha Adimai is a decent indie film for those who don't mind watching thrillers. Had the makers focused more on character detailing and technical output, the film would have been more gripping. 

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