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Ambajipeta Marriage Band Review - The Suhas, Saranya Pradeep starrer has engaging drama, solid performances, and is thought-provoking

Ambajipeta Marriage Band Review - The Suhas, Saranya Pradeep starrer is a box office winner. The village drama has engaging drama, solid performances, and a hard-hitting climax 

Ambajipeta Marriage Band Review - The Suhas, Saranya Pradeep starrer has engaging drama, solid performances, and is thought-provoking

Ambajipeta Marriage Band poster

Last Updated: 01.07 PM, Feb 02, 2024


Ambajipeta Marriage Band Story

Malli(Suhas) and Padma are twins who belong to a barber's family. Padma is a school teacher whereas Malli works in the Ambajipeta Marriage Band. The village head, Venkat(Nithin) is after Padma and shares a love-and-hate relationship. This is also the time when Malli falls in love with Venkat's sister Lakshmi(Shivani Nagaram) in a very secretive way. 

Right when you think the love story between the rich and poor will become a routine conflict, the plot shifts track, and a crazy deed done by Venkat abusing Padma makes headlines. Left with no choice, Padma seeks justice and Malli joins her. The rest of the story is about how the caste-based issues between Vebkat and Malli are solved and what happens to Padma and Malli's love story in the due course of time is the basic storyline.

Ambajipeta Marriage Band
Ambajipeta Marriage Band

Ambajipeta Marriage Band Review

Talented actor Suhas is on the rise with back-to-back hits in his kitty. Post the success of Writer Padmabhushan, he plays a village boy from the suppressed cast in Amabajipeta Marriage Band. The film is set in the small town of Ambajipeta and deals with the rich and poor and caste-based issues of the village. Debut director Dushyanth Katikaneni pens a simple tale of the underprivileged being suppressed by the upper cast but the way he has narrated the film without any deviation wins the cake.

Dushyanth's writing is strong and rich in content. The best part of the film is that there is no deviation from the main plot. The director treats the women abuse aspect so seriously that he lets go of the beautiful love story and ends it maturely. The film has so many emotional highs that one cannot stop clapping while watching it. The fight between the rich and poor has been showcased in so many films before but the way director Dudhyanth has treated the subject is superb.

The film hardly puts any foot wrong and holds your attention till the end. What engages you in the narrative is the engaging drama which keeps getting deeper with each scene. After a riveting first half, one would think the story and drama would become slow but that does not happen. The narrative showcased through Saranya's character is so strong that holds your attention till the end.

The special aspect of the Ambajipeta Marriage Band is that it has a sad ending. There is no beating around the bush as agony, heartbreak, and losing family members are showcased in equal doses. One of the biggest assets of the film is the stunning performances of the lead cast. Suhas leads from the front and once again proves what a sensational actor he is. His ability to bend in any role with ease is his strength and in Ambajipeta Marriage Band, he goes all out with his emotions. It is a tailor-made role for Suhas as he has to showcase varied emotions in his character. With Ambajipeta Marriage Band, he will go to the next league in his career.

Vijay Deverakonda launches the film's first ticket
Vijay Deverakonda launches the film's first ticket

Ambajipeta Marriage Band also marks the debut of Telugu girl Shivani Nagaram. Not only does the young actress look beautiful but she also has an amazing screen presence. Her chemistry with Suhas is top notch and Shivani's performance in the breakup scene will surely move you to tears. The way her role has also been etched in a very dignified manner is good to see in the film.

Malayalam actor Nithin makes his Telugu debut with this film and boy, he has done so well in his negative role. He as the village head who looks down upon others suits the bill perfectly. All his scenes with Suhas have come out quite well in the film. Gokaraju Ramana is seen in a key role and ably supports the cast. Pushpa fame Jagadeesh Bandari gets a meaty role and he does well in his limitations.


Having said all this, the show stealer of Ambajipeta Marriage Band is actress Saranya Pradeep. She gets the role of her life and gives an award-winning performance. She as the woman who faces abuse holds your attention till the end. Be it her calmness in pain or the way she aggressively revolts against the villain is showcased superbly by Saranya. This film will be a turning point in Saranya's career and she is an actress to watch out for in the days to come.

Ambajipeta Marriage Band has great music which is an added advantage to the film. Though there are only three songs, they fit so well in the narrative. Sekhar Chandra breathes life into the narrative with his amazing background score. Ambajipeta Marriage Band is made on a very low budget but you won't get that feeling as the production design is top-notch. The village setup, simple setting, local politics, and costume design, are amazing in the film.

Actress Shivani Nagaram at the pre-release event
Actress Shivani Nagaram at the pre-release event

Debut director Dushyanth scored full marks in his first film as he narrated Ambajipeta Marriage Band with a lot of depth. Though his plot is routine, the way he has executed the drama keeps you on your toes. As the runtime is also perfect, one does not get a feeling that the film drags at any place as Dushyanth's screenplay is on the money.

Telugu films are known to have positive endings with a routine climax. But in Ambajipeta Marriage Band, the climax is hard-hitting and makes you feel for every character in the film. Such is the brilliance of the writing as young director Dushyanth proves he is the one to watch out for in the days to come.

Saranya Pradeep
Saranya Pradeep


On the whole, Ambajipeta Marriage Band is a moving village drama that has top-notch performances. The film focuses more on content and emotions and deals with aspects like romance, agony, suppression, and tragedy solidly. Having been made on a low budget, this film has many relatable moments and will surely end as a box office winner this weekend. Recommended.

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