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Apurva review: Tara Sutaria’s performance is the only saving grace of this half-baked survival thriller

Apurva movie review: Directed by Nikhil Nagesh Bhat, the film stars Tara Sutaria in the titular role. Before watching it on Disney+ Hotstar, read our review of Apurva first!

Apurva review: Tara Sutaria’s performance is the only saving grace of this half-baked survival thriller
Tara Sutaria in Apurva. (Image source: YouTube/ Disney+ Hotstar)

Last Updated: 09.23 AM, Nov 15, 2023


Apurva story: 

Apurva is the story of a girl who is kidnapped by criminals while she is on her way to surprise her fiancé Siddharth (Dhairya Karwa) on his birthday. The plot revolves around the title character (played by Tara Sutaria), who battles to survive extreme situations. The film, which is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, is written and directed by Nikhil Nagesh Bhat.

Apurva movie review:

Apurva marks Tara Sutaria’s first outing in a titular role. The actress plays the central character in the survival thriller, which is bankrolled by Murad Khetani and Star Studios. What is Nikhil Nagesh Bhat’s OTT film all about? Let’s find out more about it in our detailed review.


The film begins on a gut-wrenching note with Abhishek Banerjee, Rajpal Yadav, Sumit Gulati and Aaditya Gupta’s characters committing a heinous crime on the road. The dark mood of this thriller is set in the introductory scene. It is followed by the aforementioned gang members getting another tip. While they chart out a proper plan, Tara’s character, Apurva, is introduced to us.

Seated inside the bus, Apurva is on her way to surprise her fiancé Siddharth on his birthday. She informs her friend over a call about how she planned multiple surprises for Siddharth, and is now eager to meet him in person. Here, the film takes us back to the time Apurva first met Siddharth and ended up getting engaged to him. Back to the present, Apurva’s bus journey turns out to be the biggest nightmare of her life.

It all happens after Rajpal’s character kills the bus driver, while Abhishek’s character, along with the members of his gang, decides to loot the passengers.

In an unfortunate turn of events, Apurva is kidnapped by Abhishek’s character and his gang members. What leads to Apurva getting kidnapped by the criminals? Is she able to tackle this difficult situation or does she get trapped? The answers to these questions lie in the film.

The plot of the Tara Sutaria-starrer seems gripping at first. Apurva’s first half comes across as an edge-of-the-seat thriller. However, the plot weakens as it becomes predictable after a point. The predictable storyline of Apurva is one of its biggest drawbacks. The film offers a solid beginning, but where does it head? After a point, you are left wondering about the sole motive of this movie.

Having said that, the performance of Apurva’s cast is its only saving grace. Tara has done a decent job as Apurva. Although there’s nothing exceptional about her performance, the actress’ performance is way better, as compared with her previous roles. As for Abhishek, he pulls off one of the darkest characters in this film. For that matter, Rajpal too plays his part well. His character is equal parts menacing and funny. Dhariya Karwa, as Siddharth, has very little to do in the film.

Apurva final verdict:

Long story short, Apurva turns out to be a disappointment with its half-baked storyline. It is a survival thriller you won’t regret giving a miss this weekend.


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