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Ayngaran movie review: This GV Prakash-starrer is a half-baked fare with a handful of interesting ideas

The sincere efforts of makers are visible on screen, but it is a far cry from being a riveting film

  • Thinkal Menon

Last Updated: 11.34 AM, Jun 10, 2022

Ayngaran movie review: This GV Prakash-starrer is a half-baked fare with a handful of interesting ideas

A still from the film

Story: An extraordinarily talented young mechanical engineer, who repeatedly faces rejection for his unique scientific inventions, tries to rescue the life of a little child from a borewell. Later, he learns that what happened to the child wasn't an accident, and that a few dangerous criminals are behind the same. He sets out to find his father who is under the custody of the notorious gangsters. Will he be able to save the child and his father?

Review: Ayngaran, directed by Ravi Arasu, has been lying in the cans for a while. The movie, which had a theatrical release a month ago, has now started streaming online. The film is one among the many Kollywood projects which leave a message towards the end. However, unlike the majority of such message-oriented attempts, Ayngaran touches upon a relevant topic without being preachy.

Mathi (GV Prakash) is a mechanical engineer who is disappointed about the fact that the patent applications for his innovative inventions which aim to ensure the welfare of people are frequently rejected by the authorities concerned. He is the only hope of his mother who is dejected about her husband working as a police constable without promotion for years.

One day, Mathi picks up a fight with Magudi (Abishek), an influential businessman who owns a poultry farm, after knowing that the latter resorts to dangerous usage of drugs in meat. Meanwhile, a notorious gang headed by Moorthy (Siddhartha Shankar) loots ornaments worth ₹50 crore from a jewel store.

Fate connects all the central characters when Magudi's daughter falls into a borewell. Mathi finds out that it is Moorthy's plan to harm the child to recover the looted jewel which was lost in the borewell. The former obtains permission from authorities to rescue the child using his invention. While he is busy saving the child, he learns that his father has been absconding. Mathi is now torn between the troubled child and his kidnapped father.

Though the film's works were completed a few years ago, some of the sequences and the manner in which the screenplay is narrated, impress viewers. It doesn't come across as an outdated product, thanks to the engaging sub-plots which complement the bigger scheme of things.

GV Prakash is convincing in the protagonist's role, thanks to his body language which suits the character. The emotions are handled well by the actor and the director; we empathize with the protagonist whenever he is rejected and wish that he succeeds in his endeavors. Though he has the quintessential heroic arcs towards the end while taking on the baddies, it never feels forced and keeps us hooked.

Aadukalam Naren excels in a brief, yet effective character as the police constable who is constantly humiliated by a senior officer while Abishek and Siddhartha Shankar play their parts effectively. Kaali Venkat, as the protagonist's friend, doesn't have much to do. What sticks out like a sore thumb is the forced female lead character. Though Mahima Nambiar comes up with an earnest performance, her character is underwritten. Though the director tries to place her character in such a way that it doesn't appear forced in the story, the attempt turns out to be futile.

The background story and cinematography are adequate, and elevate the mood of the film. The research that has gone into sketching the protagonist's role is impressive, but the lack of sufficient detailing for other characters spoil the overall experience. The movie also becomes predictable towards the climax despite a couple of ineffective twists.

Verdict: Ayngaran is a decent attempt that ends up as a movie which entertains in parts. Though there are engaging moments, more detailing of characters would have made it a better movie.  

Ayngaran is streaming on aha Tamil.