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Blackout movie review - Vikrant Massey and Sunil Grover light up a night of chaos with endless laughs

Blackout transforms from dull to dazzling, delivering unexpected comedy gold.

Blackout movie review - Vikrant Massey and Sunil Grover light up a night of chaos with endless laughs
Blackout movie review

Last Updated: 09.06 AM, Jun 07, 2024


Blackout Movie Review

Blackout story:

A crime reporter named Lenny (Vikrant Massey) decides to change his monotonous life by pocketing a case of stolen gems. But when he becomes involved with a major gangster, his good fortune turns bad. What is his plan to escape this predicament?

Blackout review:

It's been a while since Madgaon Express came out and brought back the charm of having good comedy films in Bollywood. The light entertainer with thrills of crime and more is something that has kept the audience hooked if it's well made. Blackout has just emerged from nowhere, fitting into the same genre that will keep you engaged, but on a smaller screen. The film, which stars Vikrant Massey in the lead role, has thrust him into the comedy genre, following the release of his career-altering film, 12th Fail, on the big screen last year.


Devang Shashin Bhavsar makes his directorial debut with a film that swiftly gets to the point. We see Lenny, a crime reporter, coming back home after work. Around the same time, an area of Pune City experiences a blackout, and a gang of masked men steals jewels from a jewellery showroom. Over time, Lenny's life transforms as he ventures out to prepare snacks for his wife, Roshni (Ruhani Sharma), only to become entangled in a series of crimes, both conscious and unconscious.

We see him stealing jewellery, hitting a man with his car, and so on. This marks the start of a night filled with unpredictable twists in the plot. The first half of the film had me having the same expression as Vikrant's character in "What's even happening with me?!" with things going haphazard every now and then. However, a humorous situation and witty dialogue redeem the film's first act. There are rarely any moments in the film that don't land properly, given that everything happens inside a red car, which eventually becomes a bus as more and more gets added and subtracted.

Bhavsar's story threatened to spiral out of control if the second half hadn't brought the plot to a logical conclusion. However, it doesn't fail like we would have expected, but the sudden dip with random backstories to make it connect to real time does take a slight detour from the entertainment value. In today's world, the presence of a villain without a backstory doesn't negatively impact the narrative in any way. However, a good person who was a bad man in the past also doesn't need much of a justification. Having said that, Sunil Grover's character is comparable to Vikrant's, and both contribute significantly to the film's success due to the humour and the situations they encounter.

Karan Sudhakar Sonawane and Saurabh Dilip Ghadge, who are also influencers and viral social media stars in real life, have joined them as TikTokers, known as Thik-Thak. Their real-life personas have made their presence so useful that every word and action instantly makes you laugh. Blackout has an ensemble cast of many underrated actors coming together and leading the cast. We have previously seen them in small yet impactful roles, and that's what they bring to the table in this film too.

Mouni Roy appears almost at the end of the first half, serving as a catalyst for the story. Despite being one of the few female characters in the film, Mouni Roy's brief role is definitely important, but it does not stand out. On the other hand, Jissu Sengupta, who we've seen in numerous serious roles, makes a brief appearance. Despite his straight face, he receives humorous dialogues that align with the genre. The film also features Chhaya Kadam, who just left an impressive mark with her performance in Laapataa Ladies and Madgaon Express. Indeed, Chhaya Kadam excels in every role that comes her way!

As previously mentioned, Vikrant Massey and Sunil Grover have a significant role in the film. In the film, Prasad Oak's character describes the former as a "school boy," yet his innocent face evokes empathy for his character, who finds himself in an unimaginable situation. On the other hand, Sunil Grover, as Bewdya, joins the journey as an annoying person who will not leave your side even if you push them on the edge of the cliff. But the actor delivers that performance so effortlessly that you flow with the shayaris he says, the madness he goes through, and the chaotic situations he puts everyone in to suffer. 

Abbas and Hussain Dalal's dialogues are particularly noteworthy, as they maintain a contemporary and relatable tone for those who appreciate the genre without resorting to gratuitous humour. If you recognise "Accha chalta hoon, duuaaon mein yaad rakhna" or "teri biwi ka naam Sonam Gupta hai kya?" they've done their job well.

Bhavsar, a new filmmaker venturing into Bollywood, has a unique opportunity to excel in his directorial debut. Kudos to him for even adding Chaiyya Chaiyya, the song with an incomparable fan base, to a situation where you would least expect it.

If we're discussing the songs, Vishal Mishra is undoubtedly deserving of recognition for his compositions that enhance the film's entertainment value. Joining him is John Stewart Eduri, who has contributed to the background score. Popular ringtones and "Psycho" theme-style voices repeatedly remind you that you are watching a hilarious thriller.

Anubhav Bansal's incredible camera work, which transforms every animated and inanimate object into an eyeball, is another amazing aspect of the film, especially considering that there are eyes everywhere, including Vikrant's character, a sting-operation expert.

Last but definitely not least, a special mention goes to Anil Kapoor for being the narrator like the beginning of Doordarshan's Mahabharat, "Main Samay Hoon," which brings in more excitement about the film. 

Blackout has many hits and a few negligible misses. However, the subjective aspect of Blackout is that there are moments when it deteriorates, even when it's equally good, making it worth watching. 

Blackout verdict:

Blackout's brightness generally outweighs the sporadic flicker, although it dims just as much. The comic chemistry between Vikrant Massey and Sunil Grover brings a night of wild escapades to life on screen.

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