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Bonbibi review: Parno Mittrah fails to save the drama for its weak writing and esoteric execution

Bonbibi bears resemble with reported crimes and controversy of Sandeshkhali. But fails to present a comprehensive tale 

Bonbibi review: Parno Mittrah fails to save the drama for its weak writing and esoteric execution
Arya Dasgupta and Parno Mittrah in Bonbibi

Last Updated: 05.19 PM, Mar 09, 2024


Bonbibi story: 

Resham (Parno Mittrah) is a resident of Bagh Bidhaba (widows whose husbands are killed by local tigers) village in Sunderban. She works as a tour guide, tries to empower other women in the village, falls in love, and finally, challenges the local goon, the all-in-all king of the area, Jahangir (Dibyendu Bhattacharya). 


Bonbibi review: 

Bonbibi is surely an ambitious project. To start with, shooting in remote areas like Sunderban is no easy job. And honestly, the makers prove that they had to wherewithal to mount the film on a canvas that his project deserves. With an interesting title card, soulful music, and a chilling tiger sequence, the film opens with promise but takes no time to fall flat. 

It could just have been a tale of the Bagh Bidhaba village or the wrath of the bad man Jahangir. Or it could just be a drama The actual bit of the film largely begins in the second half. However, it lacks the buildup and ends up in a trite hotchpotch. With the theatrical presentation of Bonobibi (Sohini Sarkar) and Dokkhin Roy’s tiff, the film loses the plot completely and becomes esoteric and monotonous.

The positive side of it is its music. The songs are carefully selected and soulfully rendered. The cinematography is also pleasing most of the time, especially when we see the lush green Sunderban region. Most of the actors too put forward a great effort. Arya Dasgupta and Parno deserve a special mention. Dibyendu Bhattacharya’s enormous calibre is not only underutilised but also shoddily presented.

However, interestingly the characters and wrongdoings of Jahangir presented in Bonbibi bear unmistakable similarities with the ongoing controversy around Sandeshkhali, West Bengal. While the film was made three years ago, the antagonist Jahangir reminds us of the reported crimes from that region. 

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Bonbibi verdict: 

Bonbibi is a missed opportunity. Not many good films are made to connect rural Bengal without an urban gaze. This film had every possibility to explore that patch. However, it missed the chance.    

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