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Exclusive! Bonbibi actor Arya Dasgupta: It was not easy to shoot intimate scenes with Parno Mittrah

Exclusive! Bonbibi actor Arya Dasgupta: It was not easy to shoot intimate scenes with Parno Mittrah
Exclusive! Bonbibi actor Arya Dasgupta: It was not easy to shoot intimate scenes with Parno Mittrah
Arya Dasgupta

Last Updated: 09.42 PM, Mar 07, 2024


Bonbini actor Arya Dasgupta became a household name with his stellar performance in Raj Chakraborty’s Abar Proloy and Star Jalsha’s hit serial Gaatchora. However, he started his journey years ago when he played the young Dev in Raja Chanda’s Rangbaaz. Now, he is all set with his upcoming project, Bonbibi. The film is directed by Rajdeep Ghosh and features Parno Mittrah, Dibyendu Bh attacharya, and others. In a candid chat with OTTplay, Arya talked about his journey through Sundarban, his experience working with Parno, and much more. Read on. 

Arya Dasgupta's Sundarban connection

“After Bonbibi and Abar Proloy, my friends started telling me that I belong to Sunbdarban,” Arya quipped. “I really spent a lot of time there shooting. I learnt their dialect. The interesting bit I learnt two different lingos. In Abar Proloy, I was a road Romeo and also part of a gang. They have their own lingo. In Bonbinbi, it is completely different. I am a dhol player and I speak softly, more intimately,” he said. 

Arya said that he is thankful that he got to play characters of various shades. “The offer of Bonbibi came to me like a bliss. Many years ago, Ranada (Sarkar, producer) told me that he would offer me something. And then this character came on my way,” he said. The plays the character, Himon, who falls in love with a widow in Sunderban. “Every actor wants to play something different in each of his projects. I am glad that I got widely different characters,” he said. 


'Parno made it easy'

In the promotional videos of the film, we see Arya and Parno share intimate chemistry. Was he intimidated to shoot an intimate romance with a seasoned actress like Parno? “I was petrified. I was scared because so many things could go wrong without even my knowledge. It was challenging. By nature, I am shy and introverted. Parno has been my crush. However, it was Parno who broke the ice. She rehearsed, read the script with me thoroughly, and guided me throughout the scene. After a point it became easy. We attended workshops. Now when I look back I feel I was lucky. You don’t get to be a hero of a seasoned actress like Parno every day,” the actor said.

Arya is also thrilled after working with Poacher-star Dibyendu. “He is so cool to work with. He is fabulously down-to-earth. He stayed with us and hung out with us. He doesn’t have that ‘Bollywood snobbery’ at all. He helped me with his suggestions and I feel very lucky,” he said. 

'Acting is life'

Arya started his acting career as a student of thespian Ramaprasad Banik. He believes his passion for acting will help him with interesting characters. “When I was in Class VII, I failed in school. It was because my teachers did not allow me to sit for the exam. I was busy with the shooting of Rangbaaz and I pleaded with them to let me appear. But they refused and told me that they would allow me if it was a Hindi or English film. It was my father who supported me throughout. And I had faith in my commitment to acting. I am glad that I am still getting to hone my skills,” he said.  

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