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Calling Sahasra Review - The Sudheer Anand thriller is outdated and over the top

Calling Sahasra is Telugu TV actor Sudheer Anand's latest crime thriller. The film is directed by Mahesh Reddy and has Dolly Shah as the heroine.

Calling Sahasra Review - The Sudheer Anand thriller is outdated and over the top

Calling Sahasra poster

Last Updated: 06.44 PM, Dec 01, 2023


Calling Sahasra Story

Ajay Srivastav (Sudheer Anand) goes to Hyderabad to develop an app related to cyber security. He falls in love with Swati (Dolly Shah) and when things seem to be going fine, Ajay is forced to change his phone number. The moment he does, Ajay starts getting calls in the name of Sahasra. On the other hand, a human trafficking racket starts kidnapping girls and targets Ajay's life. Who are the people behind this racket? Why is Ajay getting calls in the name of Shasra? and how Ajay takes things in hand and solves the issue is the entire story of the film.

Calling Sahasra Review

Calling Sahasra poster
Calling Sahasra poster

Calling Sahasra is directed by Arun Vikkirala and he has given this thriller a unique twist of horror elements. The initial parts of the film are quite interesting, as the concept of the hero getting calls in the name of Sahasra and the link related to a crime setup have been showcased engagingly. 

But once that happens, the film falls flat and the drama does not create much interest. Just to create curiosity in the proceedings, the director has created so many overdramatic scenes that look outright silly. There is no depth in the proceedings and the horror elements related to the story also look fake. 

The entire first half looks jaded and does not have anything interesting going its way. The actual twist comes only in the interval and by then, it is too late. The second half also lacks seriousness. Moreover, Spandana, who played the role of Sahasra, does not create any impact whatsoever.

Calling Sahasra poster
Calling Sahasra poster

In terms of performances, Sudheer Anand is decent in his role. He is known for his comedy timing but in this film, he does not have much scope to perform and looks expressionless in many scenes. But still, when compared to others, he is a lot better. Dolly Shah, who played the female lead, is neat in her role.

But it is popular actor Shiva Balaji who makes heads turn in the film. After a long gap, he gets a solid role and shines until the end. The rest of the cast is ordinary and does not bring depth to the proceedings. The logic goes for a toss in Calling Sahasra. There are so many scenes related to the human trafficking racket that look over the top.

The music is decent and so was the BGM. The production values of the film are good and the fights showcased are neat. The production design is good but the dialogues are not that great. Calling Sahasra has a decent subject but is overdone and made to look over the top for no reason. 


If the thriller had been narrated on a sensible note, the output would have been a lot different. But that does not happen, as the narration is underwhelming. In a way, a simple subject is made to look silly by some underwhelming narration. 

Calling Sahasra Verdict

On the whole, Calling Sahasra is a boring thriller that has nothing going its way. Barring a few thrills, this film is over the top, lengthy, has nothing new to showcase and can be ignored this week.


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