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Dirty Fellow Review - The Santi Chandra starrer has a few passable thrills here and there

Dirty Fellow Review - Simrithi Bathija, Nikkesha Rangwala, D Deepika Singh, and Santhi Chandra star in this action drama in the mafia backdrop.

Dirty Fellow Review - The Santi Chandra starrer has a few passable thrills here and there

Dirty Fellow

Last Updated: 07.21 PM, May 24, 2024


Dirty Fellow Story

JP(Nagineedu) and Shankar Narayana(Satya Prakash) are two mafia dons and close friends. One fine day, Satya Prakash hatches a plan to eliminate JP so that he can become an undisputed mafia don. He sets up things in such a way that cops go after JP, but in a tragic turnaround of events, Shankar Narayana's own son gets killed. Upset with this, Shakar Narayana announces war on JP and states that he will kill his son Satru(Santi Chandra) at any cost. As time passes by, Shanti Chandra has his own plans to deal with Shankar Naraya and his gang. How all this unfolds is the basic story of the film.

Dirty Fellow Review

Adari Murthy Sai has directed Dirty Fellow and sets the tone quite well from the beginning. He starts the film with the character of Dirty Fellow and slowly unleashes the mafia war. Once this is done, the character of Siddhu is introduced, which creates interest in the story. Though the promos look a bit odd, once you accept the new faces, things look decent for the audience.

One starts getting interested when the main villain learns that Siddhu and Dirty Fellow are one and the same, and they have one hand up on the villain and his gang. The film has decent glamor, and the makers have utilized it in a very sensible manner.

The first half has action and romance but is dull when it comes to emotions. The makers should have handled this aspect a bit better. Also, if there had been a few more known faces, things would have surely gone to the next level. The way the true identity of the hero plays two different shades and is unleashed is showcased in an interesting manner.

Dirty Fellow
Dirty Fellow

The crucial swimming pool scene has been handled well. The character of JP bringing in a very interesting twist in the climax is also neat. But the film has scenes that are a bit over the top. The action sequences, confrontation scenes, and over-the-top dialogue delivery should have been reduced a bit to make the film look decent.

Santi Chandra, who plays the lead role, performs decently. Although he looks a bit odd in the songs, he fits the bill perfectly when it comes to dialogue and screen presence. Siddhu, in his key role, does well in the film. Deepika Singh, Nikkesha Rangwala, and Simrithi Bathija are okay in their roles.

Dirty Fellow
Dirty Fellow

Satya Prakash gets a key role and does well in it. He is known to play negative roles with ease and does the same in Dirty Fellow. The editing could have been a lot better in the second half. Satish's music is decent, but the BGM was even better.

The film's production values are just about okay, and a lot of care should have been taken with the production design. Adari Murthy, the director, pens a very normal and routine drama but handles the twists well. Though the proceedings look over the top, the manner in which the twists are introduced makes things look bearable.


Dirty Fellow Verdict

Dirty Fellow is a film with a mafia setup and mostly new faces. Though the film starts on an odd note and has a few over-the-top moments, the twists and turns keep us engaged from time to time.

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