Don't Breathe 2 review: This Stephen Lang starrer has nothing out of the ordinary
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Critics Review
Don't Breathe 2 review: This Stephen Lang starrer has nothing out of the ordinary

Stephen Lang is an action hero in this forced horror-thriller film.

Shaheen Irani
Sep 17, 2021
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Don't Breathe 2


The blind navy officer Norman Nordstrom (Stephen Lang) is back. This time, he has a little girl to protect. However, the truth unveils itself as the movie progresses with her being the focus of the story.


Don't Breathe, which was released in 2016, happened to work well with the audiences. It wasn't a film with extraordinary moments. But it, however, managed to give the audiences a genuine scare with a completely new concept.

Even if you are a fan of the original film, the sequel offers nothing new per se. It has the same moments packaged around a different story.

Stephen Lang's intense action from the original film is intact. Every time he appears in an action scene, the actor leaves a lasting impression.

However, the film has not been packaged as an action movie. It is termed under the horror and thriller genre and Don't Breathe 2 fails to deliver either of the two.

The camera work, like always, is the highlight of the movie. Similar to the original film, Don't Breathe 2 also focuses on one aspect at a moment. Zooming in on a particular person to capture their expression, is what this film specialises in. Don't Breathe 2 is also shot in the dark but it does not hamper the audiences' viewing experience, unlike other projects. Madelyn Grace is the centre of attention in both the scenes and much to our delight, she can not only match up to Stephen's acting but can also bring her style to it.

The story is about Stephen Lang's character Norman Nordstrom (often addressed as 'The Blind Man') staying aloof with little Phoenix/Tara (Madelyn). This plot comes across as relevant in a time when the world is fighting between safe and normal. However, that is just a drop of water in a sea that is messed up by director Rodo Sayagues.

The movie progresses in the right direction but leaves obvious hints, thus making the whole film predictable. Like you would have guessed, Don't Breathe 2 has almost no surprises or "thrills" in store for you.

The slow-motion scenes are quite intense but again, it is not extraordinary. Some of these shots also tend to get overdramatic. Raylan (Brendan Sexton III) screams in a scene for no particular reason, thus making that shot appear annoying.

The background score, like always, is a winner in this film. It is what solely makes the movie 'horror/thriller.' Another aspect in the film that makes the Don't Breathe franchise complete, are the gruesome scenes.

The deadly Rottweiler is back in the second instalment and faces dangerous people. Stephen Lang turns the protagonist this time while the antagonists - Raylan, his wife (Fiona O'Shaughnessy), Jim Bob (Adam Young), Duke (Rocci Williams), Raul (Christian Zagia) and Jared (Bobby Schofield) - have no qualms in killing anything that comes in the way of their mission (illegal organ trading). Owing to that, Norman's life changes in one night.

The film takes an interesting turn that very few could see coming. The whole game changes after the twist. However, Rodo has done some lazy work there too. Don't Breathe 2 becomes quite convenient in some places. Norman, who is a retired navy officer, gets in and out of difficult situations quite easily. After building his strong character, Rodo left his luck to God. The scene where Norman gets out of the fire is quite convenient and thus, disappointing.

The action and eerie background music continue. Being a speciality of the franchise, there isn't much Don't Breathe 2 could offer.

The last scene of this film is a tad bit impressive. Rodo gives the audience an idea about where Phoenix's life is headed through imagery. Sun shines through the window that Phoenix/Tara's cruel father broke and she moves on with life by meeting the friends she always wanted to be with. She has a new beginning in life. The viewers also see the end of the franchise for good.


Do not keep any expectations from Don't Breathe 2. Stephen Lang is an action hero in the film which is categorised as a horror-thriller.

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