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Duranga 2 Review: While Gulshan Devaiah steps out of his ‘comfort zone’, Amit Sadh surprises you with his act in this ‘psycho-logical’ thriller!

The series of 'Duranga 2' will surely be remembered for its nail-biting suspense and strong performances 

Duranga 2 Review: While Gulshan Devaiah steps out of his ‘comfort zone’, Amit Sadh surprises you with his act in this ‘psycho-logical’ thriller!

Last Updated: 10.38 AM, Apr 23, 2024


For all those who have seen and loved the first season of the series ‘Duranga’, let us tell you that the second series is definitely going to sweep you off your feet, thanks to its unexpected twists and turns which occur at regular intervals. The story revolves around the life and lifestyle of Sammit Patel (played meticulously by Amit Sadh) and in what way he becomes instrumental in creating havoc in the lives of a bunch of people around him.

‘Duranga 2’ takes off from where its previous ‘Duranga’ had left. The full series of ‘Duranga 2’ has been spreaded across eight episodes. Each of these episodes are woven within a story in itself. The series revolves around Sammit Patel (Amit Sadh) and his caring parents Dr. Manohar Patel (Rajesh Khattar) as the father and mother Anupriya Patel (Divya Seth). The first episode of the entire series helps in establishing the characters. Just as when you feel that you know all the characters and their characteristics, the director springs one surprise and shock after one another, thus leaving you in two minds which makes you think (read ‘compels you to think) which of the two characteristics is actually the real nature. 

Life is smooth (or so they make it look like) for Abhishek Banne (Gulshan Devaiah) and Ira Jayakar Patel (Drashti Dhami). They try their level best to make it look like that they are a perfect pair with smiles all along. The two are blessed with an extremely cute daughter Anya Patel (an extremely endearing Hera Mishra). The life for and of the Patels take an extremely unexpected turn with the advent of Prof Dev Sahani, who happens to be a teacher. In no time, Prof Dev Sahani and Anya Patel form a strong bond. 


Just as the series carries forward, one gets introduced to various characters who play the catalysts in carrying the series forward. Prominent amongst these ‘catalysts’ include Rosy Telkar (Sonal Sagore), Gopal Kalburgi (Ganesh Yadav) and a bunch of others. With each passing moment, one witnesses a bunch of killings, kidnapping and other criminal activities. Are the merciless murders and killings the handiwork of one person or is there a gang behind it and what is the real reason behind these killings is what forms the rest of the series. 

The series ‘Duranga 2’ is almost in the same ‘genre’ as its predecessor ‘Duranga’. The series is devoid of any VFX, purely for the reason that there is no room for any graphics here. One needs to admit and confess that ‘Duranga 2’ is not for the common man who wishes to entertain himself for three hours seeing the popcorn generation romance each other on the screen! Instead, ‘Duranga 2’ is a ‘psycho-logical’ thriller that will really make you rub your eyes in disbelief.

No prizes for guessing this one. The entire series rests on the able shoulders of Amit Sadh, who delivers a career-defining performance in the series. For all those who have seen Amit Sadh in chocolate roles will surely be taken by surprise (and how) in ‘Duranga 2’. Writing anything more about him and his role in the series will only become equivalent to giving out spoilers! Trailing on a close second is Gulshan Devaiah, who comes up with a restrained performance in the series. One has always associated Gulshan Devaiah with funny or funky or unconventional roles. But, this time round, he steps out of that comfort zone and surprises you with an extremely controlled performance and mostly poker-faced performance in ‘Duranga 2’. 

.A special mention to the child artist Hera Mishra for delivering an endearing performance with utmost innocence, something which remains with you. Drashti Dhami is yet again in top form. Other actors including Divya Seth, Brakha Bisht, Rajesh Khattar, Ganesh Yadav help in carrying the narrative forward.

While the first season was directed by Pradeep Sarkar and Aijaz Khan (who did a splendid job), the second season has been directed by Rohan Sippy, who had tried his best to repeat the same magic like the first season. Even though he succeeds to a large extent, there are times and a few places when the direction tends to go astray… but not for long. Thanks to the way he has presented his characters and their charecteristics, a few minor flaws tend to get overshadowed by the performances.

Like any dark series, this one too, hardly has any room for romantic tracks. But, the entire narrative of the series rests on its background music, which gives you the necessary chills, thrills and even tears, depending upon the situation.


Overall, ‘Duranga 2’ is definitely not for the weak hearted. The series definitely has the potential to grow big with strong word of mouth!

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