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Fast X review: The tenth instalment is somehow significantly worse than the others

The never-ending saga of the Fast and Furious films continues to push the franchise to new lows, but maintains to keep its fans invested in the lives of Dominic Toretto and his ‘family’.

Fast X review: The tenth instalment is somehow significantly worse than the others

Last Updated: 03.16 PM, May 19, 2023


Story: Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) is faced with a new threat, both on a global and personal level. When his team is entrapped in a dangerous conspiracy, ‘Dom’ is forced to take action whilst losing the trust of his top-secret government allies.


Review: The Fast and Furious franchise remains an enigma, considering it keeps releasing substandard films but also manages to attract the masses to the theatres. Each new release comes with a promise that the franchise is about to conclude with a major send-off. And despite all odds, they have somehow managed to keep this wafer-thin story moving forward with levels of absurdity that tops the preceding release. Fast X is no different, as the film yet again overindulges in over-the-top action, corny dialogues, clichéd plot devices, and performances that could definitely earn a few Razzies.


Even though the film is self-aware of its own ridiculousness, it fails to justify the inclusion of some of the most inane set pieces. Ten films in, the audience has come to expect nothing more from the franchise. But the latest instalment is arguably the most poorly-written entry in the franchise. The writing is deplorable to the extent that even Oscar-winners Dame Helen Mirren and Brie Larson appear as if they had just graduated from acting school. However, their performances are significantly superior to lead star Vin Diesel’s unintentionally humorous portrayal of Dominic Toretto. Whereas Jason Momoa, who plays the primary antagonist, appears to be playing a fictionalised version of himself.


While fans have obviously become accustomed to the glaring plot holes in the franchise, Fast X takes it to another level. Gravity-defying action scenes have become repetitive to the extent that Chuck Norris or Rajinikanth will be put to shame. The only minor positives the film offers are John Cena’s performance and the half-decent action sequences in Rome in the first act. But it is unfortunately far too little and far too insignificant to place the film on a slightly higher pedestal than it deserves. The only other positive the film offers is the fact that it has somehow managed to rope in a star-studded ensemble.


The ending all but confirms that Vin Diesel plans to release at least one more film. It would not be too surprising if they announce more than a couple of films for the next five years. It is quite remarkable how the film series continues to attract audiences in an era when theatrical releases have struggled despite critical acclaim.


Conclusion: The film will most certainly appeal to the fans of the franchise but even the most ardent fans would agree that the film fails to deliver on a number of key aspects. However, it does attempt to go back to its roots with more street racing and fancy cars.


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