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Ghore Pherar Gaan review: Ishaa Saha delivers her best performance in a neat musical romance

Aritra Sen’s first feature film also features Parambrata Chatterjee, Gourab Chatterjee, Reshmi Sen, and others

Ghore Pherar Gaan review: Ishaa Saha delivers her best performance in a neat musical romance
Parambrata and Ishaa in Ghore Pherar Gaan

Last Updated: 02.55 PM, Mar 18, 2023


Story: Tora (Ishaa Saha) gets married to a London-based doctor Ribhbu (Gourab Chatterjee). She starts living in London with Ribhu and his mother Shanta (Reshmi Ghosh). As Tora discovers the majestic city, she feels isolated within her family. And that is when she meets Imran (Parambrata Chatterjee) – a musician from Murshidabad, and they connect through their love for music. 


Review: Who doesn’t like a good warm love story that has passion and pathos in equal measure? Aritra Sen’s Ghore Pherar Gaan brings back the warmth of grand Bollywood-esque romance in London and presents it on a neat Bengali platter. It is a simple story that is garnished with soulful Indian music. It is slightly long but a smart and uninhibited contemporary narration. 

Parambrata Chatterjee
Parambrata Chatterjee

Ghore Pherar Gaan is dotted with a bunch of powerful women. Not just the protagonist Tora, but her mother-in-law, Imran’s friend Heather, Imran’s mother and sister – each of the characters has a sharp independent mind. They are very different from each other. Tora’s MIL, Shanta, is proud and arrogant, and yet fiercely independent. Heather is compassionate and respectful towards others' life calls. Imran’s mother (beautifully portrayed by Chaitali Dasgupta) and sister finally step up and take control of the family business with which Imran has little connection. Each of these women is an enjoyable watch. 

It is a feel-good film that also presents outstanding performances. It is, by far, Ishaa’s best performance. In fact, she has given tough competition to the seasoned actor, Parambrata. She is there in almost every frame and she dazzles like a queen. Parambrata is also lovely. Both of them bring out the chemistry very well. Gourab has mastered the London accent well. His portrayal of Ribhu’s helplessness and insecurities is spot on. While Reshmi Sen’s character is a little over-the-top, her portrayal seems convincing. However, Heather’s Bengali is unbearable. She could have just been an English speaker. The makeup and costume styling also deserve special mention. It is the simplicity sans anything going overboard that makes the characters look real and relatable.  

Prabuddha Banerjee delectably presented the music which is the backbone of the film. Interestingly, the songs in this film are part of the narration. Hence, they have a pattern – Indian folks garnished with the exotic presentation. There are some carefully selected Rabindrasangeets and Baul songs and they are presented with a contemporary twist. Krishno Aila Radhar Kunje and Boner Pakhi Bole will be etched into your mind. Timir and Samadipta sang the songs beautifully.  

Ishaa Saha
Ishaa Saha

Ghore Pherar Gaan has numerous problems. It shows Shanta reading a dedicated evening newspaper early in the morning. There are problems with lip sync here and there in the songs. But most importantly, the film hints at certain stereotypes attached to the NRIs living in the UK. the loudmouth and image-conscious Bengali diaspora, a sense of superiority among the other Asian communities, etc are cliched. However, their struggle to be a part of the British mainstream, their effort of bringing a mini India home, and their desolation, etc are spot on. 

Meanwhile, the film explores London completely. The iconic monuments, Piccadilly Circus, Big Ben under renovation, panorama around London Eye, usual London neighborhoods, and high streets are delightful to watch. The vibrant location of Krishno Aila is outstanding.  

Verdict: Ghore Pherar Gaan is a musical that is commercial and made to entertain people. It has simple storytelling, beautiful foreign locations, soulful music, and a heartwarming romance. What else do you need to enjoy a film? Go for it. 

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