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Honeymoon Express Review - A musical drama with a message and predictable narration

Honeymoon Express Review: The film delivers an important message and has great music. But the narration is quite routine and predictable. 

Honeymoon Express Review - A musical drama with a message and predictable narration

Honeymoon Express

Last Updated: 03.15 PM, Jun 21, 2024


Honeymoon Express Story

Sonali (Hebah Patel) and Ishaan (Chaitanya Rao) are a couple with compatibility issues. Upset with each other, they decided to separate. This is also the time when Sonali and Ishaan meet an elderly couple played by Tanikella Bharani and Suhasini. They suggest the couple visit a resort named Honeymoon Express to give their marriage one last chance. With a lot of disinterest, Sonali and Ishaan go to Honeymoon Express. Will the couple reconcile or separate forever after staying at Honeymoon Express? This is the basic story of the film.

Honeymoon Express Review

Honeymoon Express is a take on modern-day relationships and has been directed by Bala Rajasekharuni. The young director tries to showcase how today's couples easily get separated due to their egos. What is causing them to stay away from each other and what aspects are not being taken care of in a relationship are showcased in a detailed manner in this film.

Honeymoon Express has science fiction, fantasy, and several other genres showcased in the film. This aspect looks a bit weak. To show some chemistry between the lead pair, there are several bold scenes that may be enjoyed by some, but they are definitely a big turn-off. The manner in which today's generation prioritises living life versus settling down has been showcased in a decent manner.

Raghavendra Rao launches Honeymoon Express trailer
Raghavendra Rao launches Honeymoon Express trailer

There are also a few scenes between the lead pair that look a bit vulgar. In order to give a message to the youth, the characters of Suhasini and Tanikella Bharani are introduced. Though they perform well, it seems like the director asked them to overact in many scenes, which looks over the top. It would have been a lot better if they had been a bit subdued and delivered the message in a subtle tone.

The scenes set in the resort look a bit odd at the beginning, but once you adjust to the backdrop, it gets better. On paper, Honeymoon Express might look simple and deal with a couple on the brink of separation. And the manner in which the couple realises their mistake is showcased in a decent manner.

In terms of performances, Hebah Patel goes a bit overboard in her role. It is probably because of the director that she acts in a certain way. But she has done well considering her glamour and the expectations from her. Chaitanya Rao is a very good actor, and he is getting better with each passing film. Though he plays a young husband in many of his films, he is very good and the best person who creates an impact with his performance. The way he deals with the silly issues of his wife and the way he performs in the emotional scenes are pretty good.

RGV launches a song from Honeymoon Express
RGV launches a song from Honeymoon Express

Ali evokes a few laughs here and there. As said earlier, Tanikella Bharani and Suhani are good but go a bit overboard in the film. The production values of the film are just about okay. But the VFX work is the worst. One of the biggest assets of Honeymoon Express is the super hit music by Kalyani Malik. All the songs are amazing and have also been shot quite well.

RP Patnaik's BGM is also amazing and elevates even the dull and boring scenes. The camera work was not that great, and neither was the production design. Honeymoon Express has a straightforward premise and clicks when it comes to music and romance. But the routine narration pins the film down in multiple areas.


Honeymoon Express Verdict

On the whole, Honeymoon Express delivers an important message to today's couples. But the manner in which it is narrated could have been a lot better. The music is great, and if you are the one who likes realistic romantic dramas, give this film a shot. But be prepared for the routineness and predictability.

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