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Nindha Review - Varun Sandesh's film clicks only in the last 30 mins

Nindha Review: The Varun Sandesh starts on a very dull note but the investigation scenes in the last half an hour are good. 

Nindha Review -  Varun Sandesh's film clicks only in the last 30 mins

Nindha poster

Last Updated: 02.08 PM, Jun 21, 2024


Nindha Story

Vivek (Varun Sandesh) is a highly educated professional who does not share a close bond with his father (Tanikella Bharani). After his dad's retirement as a judge, Vivek finds out that his dad is very disturbed. His father then tells Vivek that his last verdict as a judge was a huge mistake and a very innocent man named Balaraju has been wrongly given a death sentence. The twist in the tale arises when Vivek's father passes away the very next day. Vivek is taken aback, takes things in hand and makes sure that the man who is wrongly convicted is set free.

Nindha Review

Nindha marks the comeback of Varun Sandesh as the main lead after a long gap. He is seen in a very intense role after a long time in this film, which has been directed by Rajesh Jagannadham. Nindha is basically a murder mystery told in a unique format. The hero kidnaps all the suspects and starts interrogating them one after the other.

But the actual twist is that the killer is someone else, not the one whom the hero kidnaps. But to enjoy all this, one has to sit through the lethargic first half. Though the idea of kidnapping the suspects looks good, the manner in which they are interrogated looks way too silly. During this time, Varun Sandesh does not look like a man who can hold eight people hostage.

Nindha poster
Nindha poster

Nindha is the story of a doting son who takes the huge risk of solving a massive murder case to fulfil his dad's last wish. This aspect of father and son does not look proper. There is hardly any emotional connection between the father and son. This makes things look a bit silly when Varun Sandesh takes up a case for his dad, and I mean to say his motive is not at all strong. All this is showcased in a very dull manner.

The interval bang hardly creates any impact. But all this changes in the second half, when the murder investigation begins. When the film unravels each of the suspect's flashbacks, the director, Rajesh, is in full command of the film. The way all these tiny flashbacks are narrated looks engaging.

Nindha director Rajesh Jagannadham
Nindha director Rajesh Jagannadham

One of the major climax twists and the way it ended on a very emotional note look good. The last half an hour is the major solace of the film and engages the audience. In terms of performances, Varun Sandesh leads from the front and gives a very settled performance. With Nindha, it will be proved that he can hold a serious subject as well. Chatrapathi Prabhakar plays a key role, and he is very good.

Tanidekllea Bharani is neat in his role and brings depth to the film. One gets a feeling that his role should have been extended a bit more in the film. Character Annie has a solid role, and she is very good. Mime Madhu, Bhadram, and Surya Bhagvandas are decent in their roles. Chatrapathi Sekhar got an important role in Balraju and did well in the film.

Nindha poster
Nindha poster

Nindha has decent music by Santanu Omkar, but sadly, his BGM is weird. He has experimented a lot, which was not required at all. The camerawork and production design are okay. The village visuals are decent but the production values are not that great. The dialogue is good, and the screenplay is only in the second half. In a way, Nindha has a lethargic first half but things click in the last half an hour with a decent twist that ends the film.

Nindha Verdict

On the whole, Nindha has an interesting premise, but the way it has been narrated is not that great. The twists take time to get unleashed, and one has to sit through the boring first half to enjoy the actual suspense and twists in the last half an hour, which is passable.

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