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Iratta review: Joju George’s investigative drama is elevated by its haunting climax

The investigation part of Joju George's Iratta, however, progresses sedately and isn't intriguing enough to hold your attention


Last Updated: 01.33 PM, Feb 03, 2023


Story: Police officer Vinod is found dead inside a police station with three gunshot wounds. Three other cops who were at the crime scene become the prime suspects. They also have a strained history with Vinod, due to this abrasive and depraved nature. His twin brother Pramod, who also share a disturbed relationship with him, is part of the investigative team. Who was responsible for Vinod’s death and why?

Review: Malayalam actor Joju George has got a knack for choosing films that haunt the audience by the time they walk out of theatres. Be it Joseph, Chola or Nayattu, the actor’s performance as well as the story leaves many questions for the viewers to ponder over. Debutant Rohit MG Krishnan’s Iratta leaves you with the same experience at the end, even though the storytelling isn’t as potent as the three other films.

Joju George in a poster of Iratta
Joju George in a poster of Iratta

Iratta starts out as an investigation drama – introducing its two protagonists Pramod and Vinod. Pramod, the more restrained of the two, has been living alone ever since his wife had left with his daughter 18 years ago. This was also the bone that his twin brother Vinod had tried to pick every time they duo got into a heated argument. But more than Pramod, Rohit tells Iratta’s story through Vinod – an abrasive and depraved police officer, who is often at odds with each other. He also gets a good backstory that traces to his childhood trauma to explain the reasons for his cruel actions.

As Vinod himself says in the film, he is dirt and this aspect makes him hard to relate to, even when he expresses regret or tries to show kindness. As his past action are too heinous to ignore. What makes Iratta’s climax stand out is that the more than Vinod’s predicament, it makes the viewer feel for Pramod, who has to live with crushing bitterness, revulsion and regret for little fault of his own. In a way, Iratta also becomes a story about the sons suffering for the sins of the father and more.

Joju George in a still from Iratta
Joju George in a still from Iratta

But the climax apart, the investigation progresses sedately. The suspects, their backstories and ultimate finding aren’t intriguing enough, even though it pieces together Vinod’s thoughts well. In fact, Pramod’s final deduction of how is something that the audience could guess from the start. It’s only the why that is interesting.

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Rohit shows promise in putting together the emotional elements of the story as well the highlights the traits of both the twins. But it’s Joju who makes it convincing through his portrayal of both Vinod and Pramod. There isn’t too many changes in terms of how the characters look, and deliberately so, but he brings in evident differences. The editing of the film too must be lauded as despite the film shuttling between the past and present, the audience can immediately understand which is which without any identifier or transition.


Verdict: While Joju George’s investigative drama lacks in sustaining the intrigue and suspense of an investigative drama, the ending is haunting. If you are in a mood for slow-burn dramas, the film should be a decent watch.


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