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Jorugaa Husharugaa Review - The Viraj Ashwin starrer is a predictable but passable family drama

Jorugaa Husharugaa features Baby's Viraj Ashwin in a lead role. Veteran actor Sai Kumar is also seen in a key role in this Anu Prasad directorial...

Jorugaa Husharugaa Review - The Viraj Ashwin starrer is a predictable but passable family drama
Jorugaa Hushaaruga

Last Updated: 08.27 PM, Dec 15, 2023



Santhosh (Viraj Ashwin) works for an ad agency. He's happy when his girlfriend Nitya (Pujita Ponnada) joins his company as a team lead. Things become problematic when Santosh's boss, Anand (Madhunandan), tries to woo Nithya. This is also the time when Santhosh needs to clear his heavy family debut. How Santhosh handles both of these tense situations forms the basic story of Joruga Husharugaa.


After the success of Baby, handsome actor Viraj Ashwin is back in yet another tailor-made role in Jorugaa Husharugaa. He plays a lover boy who falls deep into family problems and also has to take care of his love interest, who is being molested by his boss. Though the storyline looks simple, how director Anu Prasad sets them against different backdrops makes this film a bit interesting.

The entire first half of the film showcases the love story, office episodes, and romantic scenes, whereas the second half deals with the family drama and the involvement of actors like Sai Kumar brings a lot of depth to the film. One of the biggest drawbacks is that the film is quite predictable. The moment you start watching the film, you know what's coming your way. But still, the director, Anu Prasad, holds your attention with the emotional part.

Jorugaa Husharugaa works mainly because of its emotions. The father-son bond is the best part of the film and scenes featuring Sai Kumar and Viraj Ashwin have been handled well. The romantic track is also decent but it lacks emotional depth. If more care had been taken in this aspect, things would have made a lot more sense. 

Also, one gets a feeling that Rohini's character is not utilised that well in the proceedings. More importance to her in the proceedings would have made a world of good. The film has decent comedy in the first half. Scenes related to Viraj and his boss, Madhunandan, evoke a few laughs.

In terms of performances, Viraj Ashwin has come a long way in his career. He is now more settled as an actor. With Jorugaa Husharugaa, Viraj has proved that he can carry an entire film on his shoulders. Be it the romantic scenes or the emotional bonding with Sai Kumar, Viraj does well.

Pujita Ponnada gets a good role after a long time. Her bubbly character and glamour show keep the masses entertained. Madhunandan plays the boss's role and goes over the top in a few scenes. Music by Praneeth Muxic is just about okay but his background score was disappointing. The camerawork is impressive, as the contrasting sides of the story have been showcased quite well. The lyrics, dialogues, and dubbing have been done well.

In a way, Jorugaa Husharugaa feels like you are watching two different stories at a time. If the screenplay had been racy and the first half tighter, the output would have been a lot better. But what holds your attention is the sincerity of Viraj Ashwin's role and the family drama. It moves you in several areas, though it has a predictable tone.


On the whole, Jorugaa Husharugaa is a predictable romantic family drama that has some strong emotions. Viraj Ashwin shines in his role and the first half has a few comedy scenes. But the pacing issues spoil the narrative a bit.


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