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Lambasingi Review - Divi Vadthya impresses in this otherwise routine social drama

Lambasingi Review - The Naxal drama marks the debut of Bigg Boss fame Divi Vadthya as the female lead for the first time in her career. 

Lambasingi Review - Divi Vadthya impresses in this otherwise routine social drama

Lambasingi poster

Last Updated: 01.37 PM, Mar 15, 2024


Lambasingi Story

Veera Babu (Bharath Raj) is a small-time cop who is posted to the sensitive area of Lambasingi. He falls in love with Haritha (Divi Vadthya) but the sudden assassination of the local MLA by the Naxalites changes things up in his love story. Veera Babu gets the shock of his life when he comes to know that Haritha is also behind this assassination. Who is Haritha? What is her backstory and how does it affect Veera Babu's life? That forms the rest of the story.

Lambasingi Review

Lambasingi has been directed by Naveen Gandhi, who last made the hit film Galipatam with Aadi Saikumar as the main lead. After a long gap, he is back with a hard-hitting naxal drama titled Lambaisingi, which is a beautiful small village in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Naveen Gandi sets his story in Lambasingi and showcases the life of a police constable and how it changes upside down after the murder of a local MLA.

Bharat Raj plays the main lead, whereas Bigg Boss star Divi Vadthya debuts as a full-fledged heroine in this film. Naveen Gandhi does not waste much time, as he quickly takes you into the world of Lambasingi. Once he does that, things become quite slow. The arrival of a cop in a sensitive area and his falling in love with a village girl have been showcased in many films. But in Lambasingi, things change a bit, as the heroine is the one who brings the major conflict point into the narrative.

The cop setup, internal politics in the department, and the advent of Naxals in the life of a common man have been dealt with well by director Naveen Gandhi. Though the initial twenty minutes are slow and boring, once the story picks up, it goes on smoothly. The icing on the cake is the crisp runtime of two hours and two minutes, which does not irritate you much.

Divi Vadthya makes a strong debut. The Bigg Boss contestant was only seen in supporting roles until now and finally, she got a lead role and performed it to the best of her capabilities. She, as a village belle, not only looks the part but also emotes well in her role. For her first film itself, Divi gets multiple shades in her character and does well to create an impact. She is a decent actress and I hope Divi gets meaningful roles in the days to come.

Bharat Raj was also okay in his role. But his inexperience was seen in many scenes. There are a few impactful scenes in which he could have done a lot better. But for his first film, he is okay. The other cast members, including Nikhil Raj, Janardhan, and Anuradha, were just about okay in their roles.


Even though Lambasingi is a low-budget film, the visuals are superb. The hilly area has been showcased so well by the camera department. One of the highlights of the film is the music. RR Dhruvan does a decent job of elevating the proceedings. But the screenplay is a minus for the film. It could have been more arresting for the audience.

The conflict point in Lambasingi is also handled well for the most part. But it was the emotional connection that could have been a lot better. One gets the feeling that more experienced actors would have done a great job. There is also a sense of predictability factor that haunts Lambasingi. Despite a few twists in the film, the rest of the proceedings are regular and do not showcase anything new for the audience.

Lambasingi poster
Lambasingi poster

Lambasini Review

On the whole, Lambasingi takes you to a different world and absorbs you with its twists and a few emotional scenes. But the rest of the film is predictable and has a routine narrative. All those who love hard-hitting social drama can give this film a shot.


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