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Love Again review: Priyanka Chopra Jonas' film is comedy and dramatic, not romantic

The slow pace of the movie bores you, even if the concept on paper was probably good

Love Again review: Priyanka Chopra Jonas' film is comedy and dramatic, not romantic
Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Sam Heughan in a still from Love Again trailer

Last Updated: 05.03 PM, May 12, 2023



Mira Ray has lost her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Rob Burns' engagement got cancelled. The film is about how destiny helps them meet one another.


Love Again is one of the films that follows the cliched love story angles. Obviously, Priyanka is at the centre of it in the role of Mira Ray. She is in pain and puts you through two hours of pain too.

She is super depressing from the beginning of the film. The story is extremely predictable and that makes the film a slow watch.

Sam Hueghan is impressive from his first scene. His monologue on heartbreak is one that works well.

Celine Dion makes a cameo appearance in the film. She comes as a breath of fresh air in the slow pace of the film.

Nick Jonas makes a cameo appearance when you least expect him to. He is absolutely out of character and it is hilarious. Priyanka's reaction to him is something that stays with you for a long time.

The comedy aspect works better in this rom-com. It struggles with the romance. While there is a certain spark, it doesn't always work. There's more drama to the film than romance. That is unappealing to watch.

The camera angles in the last scene disturb the story more than it already was. The post-credit scene is nothing more than appreication for Celine.


Love Again is not a novel concept. It is not something you will fall in love with. The movie, instead, gets you depressed for the most bits. You miss seeing the confident, lovely Priyanka you are so used to. That definitely leaves a hollow for many reasons.


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