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Love Mouli Review - The Navdeep starrer is a slow paced romance that has its moments

Love Mouli Review - Navdeep and Pankhuri Gidwani give memorable performances in this new age romantic drama

Love Mouli Review - The Navdeep starrer is a slow paced romance that has its moments

Love Mouli 

Last Updated: 09.31 PM, Jun 08, 2024


Love Mouli Story

Mouli(Navdeep) is a person who hates attachments. He is a very popular artist but life on his own terms. One fine day, he dreams of having a girlfriend who behaves as per his wish and paints the same. To his shock, the girl in the picture turns into reality. Chitra(Pankhuri Gidwani) comes into Mouli's life. He spends a memorable time with her, and the moment she starts taking over his life, Mouli gets upset and draws yet another picture of a girl, stating she should be a traditional girl and listen to what he only says. Once again, Chitra turns into a possessive girl and enters Mouli's. But this possessiveness of does not go well with him, and he paints yet another girl. The third girl also comes into his life as Chitra and tries to help him grow in life. But Mouli feels suffocated again. What is Mouli's problem? Why is she not accepting love? Did he find solace at the end? What happened to Chitra? To know all these answers, watch the film on the big screen.

Love Mouli Review

Love Mouli is actor Navdeep's comeback film as a lead. He has teamed up with debut director Avaneedra for this new-age romance, which is raw and rustic. The film showcases the life of a nomad and how he comes to terms with his ego and falls in love finally.

The director, Avaneendra, has chosen a very bold theme and has set the film is the backdrop of mountains and terrain forests. He shows the life of an artist, how he uses girls, and what happens when his ego takes over the ones he loves. The first half of Love Mouli showcases how Navdeep leads a lonely life and is only after physical intimacy.

Things get interesting when the fantasy angle is introduced through the heroine's character. The heroine, Pankhuri Gidwani, is shown in three avatars of Chitra, each linked to Mouli's life. But sadly, the director takes the entire first half to showcase the romance between the couple in a very bold manner.

Pankhuri Gidwani in Love Mouli
Pankhuri Gidwani in Love Mouli

The story does not move much, and all you see are love-making scenes and the sadistic nature of the hero. The first half is a big bore and takes forever to enter the main plot. Love Mouli only starts making sense when the second half starts. The introduction of Chitra as a traditional girl brings a fresh aspect into the narrative.

The comedy that is generated through this character is the best part of the film. The main concept of being in love and letting others love us in the way they like is showcased in a beautiful manner. The amazing visuals and Govind Vasantha's music are easy on the ears. The last half an hour is quite emotional, and the manner in which Navdeep's character comes of age is shown in a solid manner.

But to enjoy all this, one has to endure the pathetic and boring first half. If the director had narrated the story in a more compact manner and brought in the second avatar of Chaitra in the first half itself, things would have made a lot of sense. There are not many characters in the film, as Navdeep and Pankhuri Gidwani play the main lead.

Director Avannendra and Navdeep at Love Mouli promotions
Director Avannendra and Navdeep at Love Mouli promotions

Navdeep makes a comeback in a new avatar and does justice to his role. Be it his look or body, Navdeep has worked hard on his emotions. The way he showcases his transformation in the second half is superb. But the actual star of the film is Pankhuri Gidwani. The Miss India 2016 winner is a revelation in the film. With just her debut film, she has showcased so many variations. It is a dream role for any actress to showcase so many variations in the film, and Pankhuri stole the show from Navdeep throughout the film.

The rest of the characters are also not worth mentioning. Rana Daggubati also plays a small cameo, and it is hard to understand what made him even do the role. Director Avaneendra himself has shot the film and his work is amazing. The hero's den, the painting setup, and the amazing landscapes give the film a new look.

The BGM is amazing, but the editing is boring. Close to half an hour could have been easily edited in the film. The comedy scenes featuring Mirchi Hemanth and the painting related repeated scenes should have been trimmed.

Navdeep in Love Mouli
Navdeep in Love Mouli

Director Avaneendra surely has a vision and conveys his point well in the seco nd half. But by narrating things raw, he kills the audience's interest in the first half, which is lengthy, silly, and boring. Love Mouli is surely not for family audiences and might appeal to the youth.

Love Mouli Verdict

On the whole, Love Mouli is a brave attempt in today's time. The romantic drama has a purpose but is narrated in a very dull manner that might go well with many. Things start working only in the second half and end the film on a high. 

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