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Love Sex and Death(LSD) Telugu Web Series Review - The Shiva Kona thriller is slow, has an in-experienced cast but clicks in the final act

LSD Web Serie Review - LSD is the latest Telugu web series which is now streaming on MX Player. Shiva Kona acts and directs this eight-episode web series. 

Love Sex and Death(LSD) Telugu Web Series Review - The Shiva Kona thriller is slow, has an in-experienced cast but clicks in the final act

LSD Web Series Poster

Last Updated: 01.09 PM, Feb 03, 2024


LSD Story

The series begins with a couple getting ready to go on a leisure trip with their friends. Their daughter stops them saying that she had a bad dream and something could go wrong in their trip. Not paying heed to her, the couple with two other couples embark on a road trip. At first, things are quite cool but things start going wrong when the gang reaches the forest. Weird things start happening to them and each of the members starts getting killed crazily. The rest of the story is about who survives in the gang and comes out of the jungle safely.

LSD Review

LSD is directed by Shiva Kona and has six episodes in total. The first episode showcases the introduction of characters and their struggles in holding on to their respective relationships which are a bit volatile. The pace of the series is quite slow and director Shiva Kona takes his own sweet time to unleash the main story. The second and third episodes showcase the exciting journey of the gang in the jungle.

Though the actors are mostly new, they look rustic initially. But one needs to show patience to get into the groove of the show. Once the setup sinks in, the show starts making sense and a few thrills that are showcased are handled decently. The best part of the series is the last episode which has the best twist which one does not expect.

Credit should go to Shiva Kona for thinking out of the box and showcasing something new to the audience. One gets a feeling that some known actors would have made a lot of difference to the narrative. The production values of the show are decent and showcase gritty thrills in a few episodes.

LSD poster
LSD poster

Not many know that director Shiva Kona also plays a key role in the film. He was seen in the role of Danny and impresses big time. His character has a good graph and Shiva holds your attention for the most part. Prachi Thacker in the role of Kandy is also neat in the series and looks cute as well. Abhilash Bandari, Kunal Kaushik, and Ramya Dinesh also do well in their roles though they struggle to perform in the initial episodes of the series.

The series has a few curse words which were not needed at all and could have been avoided. After a long time, TV actor Prabhakar was seen in a key role and impressed. He should have been showcased a bit more in the narrative. Music by Praveen Mani and Sashanth Tirupathi has composed decent music for the series. The BGM in all the action scenes has been showcased quite well.

The best part of LSD is the camerawork. The drone shots and thrills showcased, look good for the budget used. The dialogues are just about okay but the production design is quite good. Shiva Kona's story idea is good but his execution could have been a lot better. He takes a lot of time to get into the main plot.


One of the drawbacks is that the emotions are not that strong. The tension that needs to be showcased in such scripts is missing in many areas. As said earlier, the in-experienced cast spoils the viewing experience a bit but director Shiva does well in his role and handles the show to the best of his capabilities in the latter part of the series.


On the whole, LSD has a decent setup but the narration does not meet the expectations. The inexperienced star cast also struggles to create an impact. But the show has a very good twist towards the last two episodes and ends on a passable note.

LSD Poster
LSD Poster
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