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Manamey Review - Sharwanand's charming performance wins your heart in this predictable yet feel-good family drama

Manamey Movie Review - Sharwanand 's energetic performance and decent family emotions are the highlights of this romantic drama.

Manamey Review - Sharwanand's charming performance wins your heart in this predictable yet feel-good family drama

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Last Updated: 01.31 PM, Jun 07, 2024


Manamey Story

Vikram(Sharwanand) is a happy-go-lucky youth who is doing his masters in the UK. One fine day, he gets a call from India that his close friend(Trighun) from London has passed away. Vikram heads to India and is forced to become the caretaker of his friend's son, Kushi. The same happens with Subdhra(Krithi Shetty), a close friend of Kushi's mom. The young couple become the guardians of the two-year-old in the UK and starts a new life. While Vikram is a very careless person in life, Subhadra adores Kushi. How this unique couple shed their differences and take care of the little kid is the basic story of the film.

Manamey Review

Manamey has a very familiar premise and does not have a novel point that is discussed. But the film is presented in a very stylish and feel good manner that one forgets the routine storyline. Manamey is set in London and looks rich visually. The basic backdrop and concept have a lot of scope for comedy, romance, and emotions, which have been narrated in a good way.

Though there are no twists or turns in the film, the performances of Sharwa and Krithi Shetty hold our attention. Director Sriram Aditya, who is known to make thrillers in the past chooses a fairly safe family drama with Manamey. By casting Sharwa, half of his job is done. 

The first half of the film has decent comedy, and the conflict point and how the baby changes Sharwa's life and gets him more attached to the kid are showcased in an organic manner. The kid who acted as Khushi is director Sriram Aditya's son, Vikram. He looks so cute on screen. 

The director executed the comedy scenes featuring the kid and Sharwa well. However, when it comes to romance, there was so much scope for the director to enhance the drama, but he failed to do so despite having so many situations. There are not many romantic scenes between the lead pair, and despite being a musical, there is not one proper breezy romantic song in the narrative.

Shawanand in Manamey
Shawanand in Manamey

After an entertaining first half, the conflict of hero realization is brought in with a lot of drama. But the director fails to sustain this and brings in so many subplots that bore the audience. In fact, the director Sriram should have added the romantic thread in the second half, but he chose subplots of an elderly couple played by Vijay Kumar and Zarina Wahab, which look silly.

Coming to the performances, Sharwa is the star of the film. He is charming in his role of Vikram and holds our attention until the end. Be it his funky dressing, amazing dialogue delivery, or emotional scenes, Sharwa is showcased in a completely new avatar in Manamey. Krithi Shetty fits her role perfectly and is gorgeous in the film. One gets a feeling that she should have had more space in the second half of the film.

Rahul Ravindran, Rahul Ramakrishna, Tulasi, Sachin Kheder, and others play routine supporting roles. Hesham Abdul Wahab composed the music, and all his songs are beautiful and superbly used in the narrative. The locations chosen, the camerawork, and the way London City is depicted are superb in the film. People Media Factory, the makers, have spent a bomb on the film, and it shows on screen.

A still from Sharwanand's Manamey
A still from Sharwanand's Manamey

The editing is not that great, as Mananey looks lengthy at over two and a half hours. Close to ten minutes in the second half could have been chopped off related to scenes featuring Seerat Kapoor. The production design and the way Sharwa has been styled are amazing in the film.

Manamey has a routine plot and the same old ending that all romantic family dramas have. But as the proceedings are lively and the emotions hold the attention of the family audience, makes things watchable.


Manamey Verdict

On the whole, Manamey is a feel-good romantic family drama that has some endearing moments in both halves. Sharwanand leads from the front, and his performance, coupled with the family drama and sentiment, makes Manamey a decent watch this weekend. Just ignore the predictable storyline.

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