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Market Mahalakshmi Review - The Paravateesam starrer is a routine and slow-paced romantic drama

Market Mahalakshmi Review - The Paravateesam starrer is about a software engineer who falls for a vegetable seller. 

Market Mahalakshmi Review - The Paravateesam starrer is a routine and slow-paced romantic drama

Market Mahalakshmi

Last Updated: 10.54 PM, Apr 18, 2024


Market Mahalakshmi Story

The film is based on the life of a software employee, played by Paravateesam. His father's only aim in life is to get Paravateesam married to a rich girl and earn a massive dowry. Things change upside down when Paravateesam falls in love with a poor vegetable seller, Market Mahalakshmi(Praneekaanvika). The young man tries hard to woo her but Market Mahalakshmi is not at all interested in Paravateesam's offer. The rest of the story is about how Paravateesam convinces both his father and lover to say yes to his proposal.

Market Mahalakshmi Review

Market Mahalakshmi is directed by VS Mukkhesh and has a fairly simple storyline. A boy falling for a poor girl and his father not accepting his relationship has been showcased in so many films to date. The only difference here is that the girl is also not interested in the hero till the very end. So, the major conflict of the film is for the hero is to convince both his father and the one he loves.

The first half of Market Mahalakshmi is quite routine and does not showcase anything new. It is more about the main lead ending up in a vegetable market, setting eyes on a poor girl who is quite independent in her life, and trying to woo her. Mahboob Basha evokes a few comedy scenes that click, but the rest of the first half is mostly dull and does not showcase anything novel.

The second half of Market Mahalakshmi has some meat. The conflict point of the father asking the girl for dowry directly and the hero not being able to do anything is showcased in an innovative manner. The heroine in Market Mahalakshmi does not say yes to the hero until the last scene of the film, even though she has feelings for him. The major transition of her character and why she made the hero wait for her looks slow but makes sense in the entire scenario.

Market Mahalakshmi poster
Market Mahalakshmi poster

Coming to the performances, Paravteesam makes a comeback to Telugu films after a long gap and he is decent. The helplessness in his character is showcased quite well by the young actor. Kedar Shankar, who plays the hero's father, gets a meaty role, and he was amazing in the film. His scenes with the heroine in the pre climax is one of the best in recent times. Mukku Avinash, the hero's friend, was okay and did his job well.

Barring two to three scenes, the entire film happens in a vegetable market. So, the production values of the film are just about okay. The camerawork showcasing the middle-class setup is good. Joe Emmav's music is decent but his background score was even better. The dialogues are impressive, but the screenplay is dull. There are too many scenes that showcase the hero wooing the heroine. After a point, things look repetitive.

Market Mahalakshmi does not showcase anything new but is good in the fact that it showcases how one has to be pressitant in love. The character of Praneekaanvika as the female lead is showcased in a stubborn manner but the way the young actress performs in her role is quite good. Her expressions and the way she holds her demeanor are showcased well by the young actress.


In a way, when the film is showcased through her angle, it sounds practical. But once it changes track and showcases the regular rich vs. poor scenario, Praneekaanvika becomes routine and feels stretched. One gets the feeling that there was no need for the director to drag things so much and end the film in a jiffy. As he wastes so much time initially, the climax is wrapped in a whiff, and this looks silly.

Market Mahalakshmi Verdict

On the whole, Market Mahalakshmi is a routine love story with an ordinary first half. Things pick up in the second half, as the conflict point is new and executed well. But to enjoy this aspect, one has to sit through the lethargic first half and routine narration.

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