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Mr. Pregnant Review: The Sohel, Roopa Koduvayur starrer is contemporary and filled with decent emotions

Mr. Pregnant stars Syed Sohel, Roopa Koduvayur, and Brahmaji in lead roles. Read our review to find out how this film about a pregnant man turns out to be

Mr. Pregnant Review: The Sohel, Roopa Koduvayur starrer is contemporary and filled with decent emotions
Sohel in Mr Pregnant

Last Updated: 02.21 PM, Aug 18, 2023



Gautam(Syed Sohel) is an orphan who does not like marriage and kids due to his tragic past. Mahi(Roopa Koduvayur), on the other hand, is his close friend, who is in deep love with him. After a lot of pressure from Mahi, Gautam says to marriage but only on one condition that the couple will not have kids ever. But the twist in the tale arises when Mahi gets pregnant and Gautam loses it. He then reveals the reason why he does not like kids and left with no choice, takes the wild decision of bearing the baby in his womb instead of his wife. He even consults a senior doctor(Suhasini) and gets the fetus exchanged into his body and becomes Mr. Pregnant. The rest of the story is about how a pregnant man faces society, has health issues, and comes out of it successfully.


One of the biggest selling points of the film is the male lead getting pregnant. Male pregnancy is nothing new as news of a few men getting pregnant and delivering babies is already out in the open. So cashing on this aspect, director Srinivas Vinjampati has written the story in such a way that it is funny and has emotions that will connect with one and all, especially women. The aspect of a man bearing a child is showcased in a fun manner in a few scenes and at the right moment, the director brings in decent emotions and ends the film with a sensible climax.

The best part of the film is the way the male pregnancy is showcased in a very convincing manner. Director Srinivas has done his homework and created enough scenes which are logical and make us believe that male pregnancy can happen. The backstory that the director chooses for the hero to become pregnant is also decent. But one of the biggest defects in the film is the first half an hour. It is boring and one gets a feeling as to when the director will arrive at the actual plot.

Mr Pregnant produced by Mic Movies
Mr Pregnant produced by Mic Movies

The intro of the hero, the heroine's love track, and a villain's entry into the proceedings make the plot look outright silly. But the moment, the heroine becomes pregnant, the director gets a hold of the proceedings and there is no holding back for Mr. Pregnant. The director Srinivas should be appreciated as he did not only focus on the emotional part and looked at the fun side of how society treats a man with pregnancy.

All the scenes of media going overboard about male pregnancy in India have been showcased well and are relatable. The character of Brhamaji brings hilarious laughs into the proceedings. On the other hand, the character of Suhasini is a masterstroke. She brings a lot of depth as she plays the doctor's role with ease and educates us about male pregnancy and how it works. If this part was not done well, the film would have gone for a toss.

Mr Pregnant produced by Mic Movies
Mr Pregnant produced by Mic Movies

Mr. Pregnant is a dream come true film for the main lead Syed Sohel. He gets a tailor-made role and is impressive. Though his character overacts a bit in the beginning, once Sohel becomes pregnant, he has handled the emotional part quite well. One of the best scenes in the film is where he schools the media in the climax. It is a lengthy scene and Sohel has done quite well with his act.

Roopa Kodvayur plays the female lead and she was decent. Her role had a lot of scope but the director did not highlight it much. The entire film is about her and her safety. So, more scenes related to her realization of her husband would have made a lot of sense. Brahmaji, Viva Harsh, Raja Ravindra, and others play their supporting roles with utmost sincerity. Kasturi is seen as Sohel's mom in the flashback and she was decent. The scenes where the parents of the heroine disown her are also shown decently.


Shravan Bharadwaj composed the music and it is decent. The camerawork is neat and the production design showcasing the hospital and facts related to the male pregnancy has been done well. The dialogues are neat and so were the lyrics in the film. The hospital setup and how the male pregnancy undergoes is shown convincingly. 

Mr. Perfect has a very interesting storyline and has been narrated in a decent manner for the most part. Though there are scenes that are predictable, the way they are unleashed looks good. If not for the dodgy start, the film would have been even better. Nevertheless, the latter part holds our attention and impresses us.


On the whole, Mr. Perfect has an intriguing storyline and good emotions that will connect with one and all. But it starts on a very ordinary note with a boring love story and hero-villain scenes. But once it gets to its main male pregnancy aspect, the film holds our attention and ends as a pretty decent watch for the entire family.


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