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Music Shop Murthy Review - An endearing family drama with relatable emotions

Music Shop Murthy Review: The coming-of-age drama has memorable emotions that keep you hooked. 

Music Shop Murthy Review - An endearing family drama with relatable emotions

Music Shop Murthy poster

Last Updated: 05.02 PM, Jun 14, 2024


Music Shop Murthy review

Music Shop Murthy Story

Murthy (Ajay Ghosh) runs a music shop in the small town of Vinukonda. Though his family is against his running of the music shop, Murthy adores his profession. During a local event, Murthy plays popular tracks and impresses one and all. This is the time one of the guests asks him to try becoming a DJ. One fine day, Murthy meets Anjana (Chandini Chowdary), a professional DJ who further inspires him to choose the profession. Murthy takes this seriously and starts his journey to become a DJ. The story is about how a lower-middle-class 52-year-old man from a small town becomes a popular DJ in Hyderabad.

Music Shop Murthy Review

Music Shop Murthy is a film that emphasises that age is not a reason to dream big in life. One should try time and again to achieve their dreams and that is the basic conflict of Music Shop Murthy. The film is set in the small town of Vinikonda and is about Murthy, who struggles to make ends meet. What happens when a man with such pathos tries to become a DJ?

The obstacles, taunts from his family and how he credits his family for his success at the end—all this has been showcased in an endearing manner by the director, Siva Paladugu. The special aspect of the film is a 50-year-old man wanting to become a DJ. This aspect itself is quite interesting and, if narrated well, will be an emotional ride. 

The story is simple and has many predictable scenes of the main lead getting insulted but not losing hope and making it big in the end. For these aspects to click, one needs to get the emotional balance right in the film.

Credit should go to director Siva Paladugu for getting the emotions of every character right. The key characters shown in the film are right in their own way and create an impact on the proceedings. The best part of the film is also the manner in which the scenes are not melodramatic. If narrated in an overdose, things become heavy, and today's audience who comes to theatres tends to get bored. This is where the director scores, as he showcases the film in a fun manner.

Ajay Ghosh in Music Shop Murthy
Ajay Ghosh in Music Shop Murthy

When the hero falls, director Siva creates so many high moments that the audience gets hooked on them. The friendship between the characters in Chandini Chowdary is also showcased in a more crisp manner. Chandini's absence from the scene makes her entry into the climax look a bit cinematic. But all this makes sense given the sincere performances in the film.

Ajay Ghosh, who is known to portray negative roles, is stunning in the role of Murthy. It is a tailor-made character for him, and the manner in which he performs it with ease and depth of emotion is amazing. Chandini Chowdary is a superb cast member in the role of Anjana. She breathes life into her role and is an asset to the film. Aamani, as Ajay Ghosh's wife, is relatable, and the other new actors who play key roles are neat in the film.

Director Siva Paladugu of Music Shop Murthy fame
Director Siva Paladugu of Music Shop Murthy fame

Music Shop Murthy has music by Pavan, and his score is decent. But the BGM and the beats used to showcase the key aspects of DJ artists and how they play could have been more effective. The camerawork by Sreenivas is decent, but the production values by Harsha Garapati and Ranga Rao Garapati are effective. Though the film is made on a low budget, it looks rich in visuals.

The screenplay is arresting and holds your attention. Music Shop Murthy gets it right for the most part but the last 10 minutes and the sad ending that the film showcases could have been avoided. This emotional episode looks rushed but will go well with the family audience, as it gives closure to the film and also looks realistic.

Music Shop Murthy stills
Music Shop Murthy stills

Music Shop Murthy Verdict

On the whole, Music Shop Murthy has a routine premise, but the manner in which it is narrated, keeping today's sensibilities in mind, is what works here. The narration might look predictable, but it also has so many emotional moments that make this film an endearing watch this weekend.

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