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Paruvu Review - The Nivetha Pethuraj series is a must-watch social thriller with amazing drama and great performances

Paruvu Review - The Nivetha Pethuraj series is a must-watch social thriller with amazing drama
Paruvu Review - The Nivetha Pethuraj series is a must-watch social thriller with amazing drama and great performances

A still from Paruvu web series on Zee 5

Last Updated: 09.14 AM, Jun 14, 2024


Paruvu Story

Paruvu is based in Guntur, which is showcased as a land filled with caste-based politics and honor killings. Dolly(Nivetha Pethuraj) goes against her parent's wishes and marries Sudheer(Naresh Agastya), who belongs to a different caste. One fine day, Dolly gets the news that her uncle is no more. She decides to pay respects to him one last time. One of her cousins comes to pick her up, and the couple starts their journey to Guntur. The twist in the tale arises when the couple senses that her cousin has actually come to finish them off. In an unexpected banter, Sudheer kills Dolly's cousin. The rest of the story is about how the couple reaches Guntur, pays respects to their family, hides the murder, and also gets involved in caste-based politics, which is headed by Ramayya(Nagababu).

Paruvu Review

Paruvu is Zee 5's latest offering, which has been directed by Siddharth Naidu and Rajasekhar Vadlapati, with Pawan Sadineni as the showrunner. At the outset, Paruvu is based on the delicate topic of honor killing which has been showcased in so many films before. But the manner in which these elements of caste, greed, and communal harmony are showcased in a gripping thriller is what makes Paruvu quite special.

Paruvu has some very strongly written characters and is set in the Guntur region. Right from the dialect to the characters, everything is spot on. Credit should go to Pawan Sadineni for giving the series a new look and gripping narration in all the episodes. The writing by Siddharth Naidu and Rajasekhar Vadlapati is so good that though there are so many new faces, it does not make any difference in the narrative.

Paruvu gets into the groove from the first episode itself. The earthy characters, political setup, and how caste-based politics play a key role in the interiors of Andhra have been showcased in a gripping manner. One of the biggest assets of the show is that things are not taken for granted. There are not many local errors as crime committed by the couple and the manner in which things unfold to hide the crime is showcased in a very organic manner.

Nagababu in Paruvu
Nagababu in Paruvu

Most of the series is narrated in the backdrop of a funeral and this is where all the key characters get introduced. The manner in which emotions are highlighted, along with thrills in these funeral episodes, is one of the highlights. Paruvu has layered narration, and what makes it super interesting are the tracks of Praneetha Patnaik and Nagababu. One is about the fiance of the man killed, and the other one is about a man trying to go big in his political career and using others as pawns in the setup. The manner in which these subplots are handled is the best part of Paruvu.

Generally, in web series, there are so many layered plots that it becomes boring after a while as the narrative takes too much time to come to the actual point. But here in Paruvu, the manner in which these plots are linked is amazing. One of the biggest highlights of the show is Praneetha Patnaik's plot. She plays the fiance of the man that gets killed and the way she investigates things on her own is showcased superbly.

Praneetha Patnaik plays a key role in Paruvu
Praneetha Patnaik plays a key role in Paruvu

Paruvu has had some of the best performances in recent times. Even though the major cast stands out, it is even the smallest of the characters that make an impact through the series. Nivetha Pethuraj plays Dolly, who marries against her parent's wishes. The way she has transformed in this series is superb. We have seen her in performance-oriented films earlier, but she is in another league in Paruvu. She plays a pregnant woman who commits a ghastly crime. Right through the series, she had to show tension and trauma through her emotions, and Nivetha gives one of the finest performances.

Naresh Agastya is the surprise package of the show, as he performs in a very balanced manner. Not once does the tension in his life is shown, and what ever he needs to do to come out of the crime is showcased mostly through his eyes. Naresh has surely surprised everyone with his subtle yet amazing performance. For the first time in his career, Nagababu plays a character that has total negative shades, and he is very good as MLA Ramayya. His character brings a lot of depth to the series.

Nivetha Pethuraj and Naresh Agastya play leads in Paruvu
Nivetha Pethuraj and Naresh Agastya play leads in Paruvu

Yet another amazing performance in Paruvu is by Parneetha Patnaik. She gets one of the best roles in the series and delivers a knockout punch. The way she has been used in the narrative to create more thrills looks amazing. Popular comedian Rajkumar Kasireddy plays a cop and he too was quite impactful in his key role. The director duo Siddharth and Rajasekhar have done an amazing job when it comes to casting.

The Guntur slang and dialogues are superb in Paruvu and hit you right away. Yet another assets of the show is the arrestin screenplay. The show does not have filler episodes or scenes which deivate. A few scenes in the third and fourth episodes feel stretched, but the rest of the narration is gripping. The camerawork production values by Gold Box Entertainment are amazing.

Paruvu streaming now on Zee 5
Paruvu streaming now on Zee 5

The thrilling action sequences keep the audience engaged till the end. The manner in which the series ends on a thumping note is also one of the highlights. Paruvu lives up to the hype, and Pawan Sadineni makes sure that the viewing experience gets quite thrilling for the audience.

Paruvu Verdict

Paruvu is a gripping thriller that has an amazing backdrop, solid performances, and arresting thrills. The casting is on point, and the sensitive topic of honor killing and caste-based politics are nicely woven into a solid drama that holds your attention right from the first episode, making this series a must-watch on Zee5.

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